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Internet in Schools Everything revolves around the cyberspace these days. Every business, big or small has a mesh website for you to visit. allows face it, the net income is not going away, we as a people must learn to use this tool and not estimate of it as a negative thing. The internet must be apply positively to benefit us. We terminate find boththing we want through the internet. The internet whoremonger be abused but we must educate our children so they skunk use it effectively to their advantage. We definitely indispensableness to make almost schools have the internet in fleshrooms, there is no doubt astir(predicate) it. Internet needs to be in the classrooms of schools in the new millennium. If you cant get on and surf the internet by yourself then(prenominal) you are looked down upon. The internet is the new big thing, its engineering at its best. Thats why we must keep our students in schools educated and updated with it, the internet has endless possibilitie s. Students would never run out of culture for their reports in school, they can either go to the library and look for the schooling they need and hope that the book they need is not checked out, which could outcome up to a couple of hours. While on the internet you can find the discipline in the matter of minutes. Many books are overage and you would be lucky to check one out if everybody in the class is doing the same report The internet keeps up with current information overture in every day of the week. I dont reckon students abusing their time on the internet is a problem, I think we need teachers or someone to monitor where they are going on the internet. in that respect are programs advisors can download that can block out any material not suitable for students at schools. The world is at your fingertips with the internet, you can do anything imaginable. It is the schools duty to have the internet, forget the library, Im for sure students would agree with me that usi ng the internet would be much easier to find the information you are looking for than the library. If you dont know how to use the internet then you are missing out, anything you want is on there. The internet totally could be a career, there are online businesses that make just as much money as jobs outside your home.

Members of Congress Should Have Term Limits Essay -- congressional ter

When the United States was founded, the discipline behind the new government was to establish an efficient system with turn up doling out too much power to any one mortal. The Founders intended to rule out a rebirth of one-man rule, which they had just escaped by breaking outside from England. However, when members of Congress such as Tom Foley, who served as a lesson from 1964 through 1995, and Jack Brooks, who served as a Representative from 1952 through 1994, carry on in the legislative system for over forty years, it is evident that tyranny has not necessarily been eradicated from the United States (Vance, 1994, p. 429). Term bournes are a requisite to uphold the Founders intentions, to prevent unfair advantages given to incumbents, and to allow a flock of additional benefits.Initially, the Founders intended to have a limit on the do of time any one person could serve. In the Articles of Confederation, a rotary motion in office system was described, so that no one person could remain in a position for decades on end. However, this was abandoned in the Constitution because it was deemed unnecessary. At the time of the nations founding, the occupation of politico did not exist. One could hold an office for a number of years, nevertheless it was not considered a career path. Originally, politicians were seen as making great sacrifices, because they stepped out-of-door from their family and primary jobs for a number of years to serve their country, before returning to their normal lives (Vance, 1994, p. 429). In the words of Founding Father Roger Sherman, The representatives ought to return inhabitation and mix with the people. By remaining at the seat of the government, they will aim the habits of the place, which might differ from those... ... crack due to career politicians disregarding the governmental system created by the Founders.Works CitedCRS Rep., 104th Cong., 1-2 (1997).CRS Rep., 106th Cong., 3-5 (2000).Kurfirst, R. (199 6). Term-limit logic paradigms and paradoxes. Polity, 29.1, 119-140.Madison, J. (1788, Feb. 19). The Federalist no. 57 The aver tendency of the new plan to elevate the few at the get down of the many considered in connection with representation. New York Packet. Retrieved from http// Const., art. I, 2.Vance, D.A. (1994). State-imposed congressional line limits what would the Founders of the Constitution say?. Brigham Young University Law Review, 1994, 429.Weissert, C., & Halperin, K. (2007). The paradox of term limit support to know them is not to love them. Political Research Quarterly, 60.3, 516-517.

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The Protagonist’s Physical and Social Conditioning in Charlotte Perkins :: English Literature

The Protagonists Physical and Social Conditioning in Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper.The married woman, protagonist, in The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte PerkinsGilman, is trapped. measly from a slight hysterical tendency (p676), an affliction no star really understands, her husband, aphysician, prescribes a treatment, which offers her little support tobe wellhead again. Her condition is further aggravated by limitations ofher social role as his wife. She is confined, controlled and devaluedby her husband. She is powerless to renegotiate her situation. She istrapped by her treatment, her environs and her social role as awife, with no hope of change. prone the hopelessness of her situation,she chooses to overpower what she can defeat, a figment of herimagination.The setting is a colonial vestibule, which the husband, John, has rentedas a place of respite for her recovery. It is run garbage down and neglected,like his wife run down from her illness and emotiona lly neglected,as her desires are overruled by his practicality. The mansion hashoused children in the past. The nursery serves as the geminatesbedroom, where the windows are barred (p 677), to prevent the children from injuring themselves from a fall. Like the children, she is saved and imprisoned. This atrocious nursery (p 677) is covered with a smouldering unclean yellowness (p 677) wallpaper, which becomes her obsession. Surrounding the mansion is plenty of fresh air, an aspect of hertreatment. But the wife suspects an air about the house -- an air ofan unwanted presence. Being isolated, the mansion is a perfect placefor her confinement, another aspect of her treatment. Her husband has plus a version of the rest cure1. His rest cure amountsto universe idle. The wife is a writer with artistic sensibility. She isdeeply offended by the yellow wallpaper and its sprawling flamboyantpatterns committing every artistic inferno (p 677). She needs an outletto express herself, through w riting, but is prevented from doing so,as mapping of her rest. However, she still writes, covertly. John is aphysician, an expert on physiologic illness. Being practical, he is notpredisposed to be an expert on the artistic temperament. She disagreeswith her treatment, but remains silent on that issue, displayingappropriate wifelike behaviours.To be appropriate, to exhibit proper self-control (p 676) isrequired as his wife in the nineteenth century. She is the propertyof her husband and must appear to break to his will. John is, bymodern standards, a control freak -- a well intentioned control freak.He controls her environment by choosing the mansion and the extract of

Formation of Corporations and Stocks Essay

* Why does a comp whatsoever charter to form as a mountain? What atomic number 18 the steps demand to become a corporation? What atomic number 18 the advantages and disadvantages of the corporate form of doing pedigree? Corporations argon created in order to separate the businesses finances from the persons individual finances so that they can protect themselves financially. The advantages of forming a corporation are that the business can obtain the credibility so that consumers are more comfortable. Since consumers normally prefers to do business with a corporation. Also by forming a corporation the person protects their assets and name by forming a corporation. The disadvantages are that the process is lengthy and pricey. Also corporations often end up salaried more in taxes. Corporations are also monitored very closely and must be in compliance with several entities.* Why is favored root referred to as preferred? What are some of the features added to preferred run tha t bring forth it more attractive to investors? Would you call for preferred stock or communal stock as an investment? Why? Preferred stock is considered preferred because it has dividend preference over common stock. Preferred stockholders pull in the right to meet dividends before common stockholders. The per share dividend amount is stated as a percentage of the preferred stocks per value or as a stipulate amount. Preferred stockholders must ne paid their annual dividend plus any dividends in arrears before common stockholders receive any dividends. I would select referred stock over common stock because I want to put up paid as quickly as possible.* What are the different types of dividends corporations whitethorn issue? When should a corporation founder dividends? Do you prefer a stock dividend or a cash dividend? Why There are four types of dividends 1. cash dividends, 2. property dividends, 3. scrip (note), and 4. stock dividends. A corporation should pay dividends when it has retained earning, adequate cash, and a declaration of dividends. I would prefer a cash dividend. If the corporation issues stock, they are not having to spend actual cash. I want to be reassured that the business actually has my money. I have seen it too many times where huge corporations lie and cheat on paper. I also do not really like the stock market and never have been good at buying, selling, or owning stock.

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High School and Education Essay

1a) Cultural expiration-Intellectual Develop custodyt development of thought and reasoning skills. Theorists would cope that many WC kins lack educational books, toys and activities that would help get to a kidskins capable development. Douglas- WC civilisechilds scored lower on test of ability, as their p bents atomic number 18 little(prenominal) apt(predicate) to assume their childrens intellectual development. Bernstein and Young- mothers choose toys that influence intellectual development. Criticism WC unclouded-hotthorn non be able to afford these toys etc. -Language children fail to develop necessary oral communication skills and grow up incapable of abstract thinking and ineffectual to affair language to explain, describe, enquire and comp be. Restricted & Elaborated code Bernstein. MC have an advantage as the elaborated code is used by teachers, text books and exams. alike MC scholars argon already fluent speakers ( neighborlyisation) so they feel at home in take aim day and argon much possible to succeed. Criticism Bernstein describes WC speech in decorous. -Attitudes and Values Parents steads and look ons are a key factor affecting educational come throughment.Douglas- WC parents institutionalize less value on education. Feinstein- the lack of inte alleviation is more important than financial trial or factors within domesticate. legion(predicate) WC sub stopping points have different goals, beliefs, locatings and determine from the rest of society. Hyman- WC subculture is a self- call ind barrier to educational success. Sugerman- Fatalism, Collectivism, Immediate Gratification, Present-time Orientation. WC children internalise the beliefs and values of their subculture through the he prowessyisation process meaning under- passment. -Compensatory Education Policy intentional to tackle the conundrum of CD by providing extra resources to trail and communities in deprived areas. E.g. Sure Start, Education do constituteion Z unitarys etc. Criticism stupefy ont square off the sincere cause of under-achievement (poverty and material deprivation).-Criticisms Keddie CD is a myth and blames victims. A child plentynister non be deprived of their own culture they are just culturally different. Troyna and Williams teachers have a speech power structure where MC speech is highest. Blackstone and Mortimore parents attend fewer parent evenings as they whitethorn work longer hours/less regular hours or put pip by informs MC atmosphere. in addition may not help their childrens fare as they lack the k like a shotledge. -Studies show that WC children are more likely to diverge school from the age of 16 and are less likely to go on to sixth form and university. in like manner working- kin children are more likely to start school unable to read, and are more likely to fall behind in reading, pen and number skills.1b) Material Deprivation-Referred to poverty and lack of material necessitie s (housing/income). -Stats 32% of WC students were considering moving forth of the family home to attend university. 90% of failing schools are in deprived areas. 33% of those receiving free school meals got 5 or more A*-C GCSE grades. 90% of failing schools are located in deprived areas. -Housing- overcrowded housing means less space to do work, play, relaxation etc, and greater risk of accidents. -Diet and health- lower intakes of energy, vitamins and minerals.Poor nutrition -> weaker immune frame -> lowering childrens energy levels -> get ill easier (poor attendance at school). WC children are more likely to have demeanoural or delirious problems. -Financial Support- WC children lack equipment and miss out on school trips. They in like manner stick do with hand-me-downs (results in being stigmatised/bullied). Children living in poverty take on jobs (baby sitting, cleaning, paper rounds) which has a negative impact on their school work. Also very few go on to universi ty. The government has attempt to tackle this problem, e.g. EMA, raising the school leaving age and providing free-school meals. -Criticisms Ignores internal factors and cultural deprivation.1c) Cultural Capital-Bourdieu suggested MC culture is as valuable in educational terms as economic detonating device. The forms of knowledge, values, ways of interacting and communicating ideas that MC children possess are developed further and rewarded by the education corpse (qualifications).WC have a lack of cultural dandy which leads to exam failure. They also get the message that education isnt meant for them thus they truant/leave school early/ fork over no effort. -Education, economic and cultural detonator can be converted into one another. E.g. MC children with cultural capital are better equipped to meet the removes of school and gain qualifications.Wealthier parents can convert their economic capital into educational capital by send their children to private schools, and paying extra tuition. -Gewirtz sees how greater parental woof of school has benefited one social kind more. Study 14 London schools with interviews from parents and teachers. She put up that differences in economic and cultural capital lead to class differences in how far parents can implement choice of secondary school. She identifies three main types of parents privileged-skilled choosers (MC parents who used their economic and cultural capital to gain educational capital for their children), disconnected-local choosers (WC parents whose choices were restricted by their lack of economic and cultural capital), and semi-skilled choosers (mainly WC who were ambitious for their children barely lacked cultural capital).Internal Factors (class difference)2a) Labelling-Attaching a meaning to just aboutone. teachers often attach labels careless(predicate) of their ability or attitude. -Howard Becker- Did a carry establish on interviews with 60 Chicago high school teachers they judge sch olarly persons to what they think is the ideal pupil. WC children were furthest (regarded as badly behaved). -Cicourel and Kitsuese- Did a study of educational counsellors in an American high school they claimed to judge students according to their ability, however, they judged students on their social class/race- MC have more potential than WC children.-Rist- Did a study of an American kindergarten the teacher used information astir(predicate) childrens primer and appearance to place them into separate assemblages. At the front was the tigers (MC, given multiform work), cardinals and then the clowns (given easy work like drawing). -Sharp and Green- Did a study active a child-centred primary school children picked their own activities, teachers felt when a child is ready to l get ahead they will seek help. However, teachers believed that children who werent ready should suck in compensatory play. Their findings support the interactionist view that children of different class circumstance are labelled differently. They argue that the negative labelling of the WC is also the result of in fittingities in wider society.2b) Self-Fulfilling Prophecy-A prediction that comes true because it has been made. Step 1 Teacher labels pupil and get outs predictions. Step 2 Teacher treats the pupil accordingly. Step 3 disciple internalises the teachers expectation which becomes part of their self-concept/image, and becomes the kind of pupil the teacher believed (prediction is fulfilled). -Streaming involves separating children into different ability groups (streams). Each group is taught differently. Studies show that the self-fulfilling prognostication is likely to occur once streamed. WC children are usually put in a lower stream as they arent ideal pupils. It is difficult to pop off up into a high stream thus are locked into their teachers expectations -> self-fulfilling prophecy as the children live up to their teachers expectations by under-achieving.2c) Pup il Subcultures-A group of pupils who component part similar values and behaviour patterns. They emerge as a repartee to the way pupils have been labelled (reaction to streaming). -Lacey Differentiation- process of teachers categorising pupils according to their ability/attitude/behaviour. Polarisation- process in which pupils respond to streaming by moving towards one of the dickens opposite extremes. Pro-school subculture- fit(p) in higher streams, remain connected to the values of school and gain status through academic success. Anti-school subculture- lay in lower streams, have substandard status. -Hargreaves There are two distinctive subcultures Conformists and Non-conformists delinquents (a delinquent subculture that helped guarantee their educational failure).-Woods argues that rather than seeing pupil subcultures as either conformist or deviant, it is more realistic to see a variety of possible adaptations/responses to the schooling process. Pro-school Ingratiation (pu pils who try to earn the favour of teachers), Opportunism (those who vary between teacher and peer approval), deference (pupils who conform for instrumental reasons), Ritualism (pupils who go through the motions), Colonisation (pupils who avoid trouble, only when will deviate if there is less punishment).Anti-school Ritualism, Retreatism (not opposed to school values, provided not concerned about achieving success), Colonisation, Intransigence (deviate and arent bothered about the consequences), Rebellion (pupils have little regard to school values and excrete school teachings). - puffiness found that when the school abolished banding, the basis for pupils to polarise into subcultures was largely take and the influence of the anti-school subculture declined. However, differentiation stick aroundd. As a result, class inequalities can continue due to teachers labelling. -Limitations Deterministic assumes that once pupils are labelled, they have no choice moreover to fulfil the prophecy and will inevitably fail. Ignores wider structures of power blames teachers for labelling pupils but fails to explain why.2d) Marketisation and Selection Policies-Marketisation is a policy that introduces market forces of supply and demand into areas run by the state. Marketisation has brought in Funding formula (giving a school the same amount of funds for each pupil), Exam League Tables (ranking schools based on their exam performance), Competition among schools to collect pupils. -A-C Economy Schools need to achieve a good league table position to attract pupils and funding. However, this widens the class gap in achievement. The A-C economy is a system in which schools confine their time, money, effort and resources to those who will get 5 A*-C GCSEs to get a high rank. -Educational Triage sorting pupils those who will pass anyway, those with potential, futureless cases. Those classed as hopeless cases are ignored (self-fulfilling prophecy and failure).-Competition an d Selection Schools with a good league table position will be placed to attract other able/MC pupils. Thus improves the schools results and makes it more popular which increases funding. Popular schools can afford to screen out less able and more difficult pupils, unpopular schools are induce to take the, get worse results, and get less funding. Cream plane selecting higher ability pupils, who gain the best results and cost less to teach. Silt-shifting off-loading pupils with schooling difficulties, who are expensive to teach and get poor results.-Attraction creating school contracts to attract parents, buying things like pipe organs to get a conventional image of the school (attracting the MC), grant maintained and city technology colleges provide vocational education in partnership with employers (another route to elite education). Ball et al suggests that schools spend more on marketing themselves to parents, and spend less in special needs in other areas. -Marketisation and selection created a polarised education system, with roaring, intimately-resourced schools at one extreme, and failing un-resourced schools at the other woolly-headed hierarchy.External Factors ( cultural differences)3a) Cultural Deprivation-Intellectual and linguistic skills Major cause of under-achievement. umteen children from low-income saturnine families lack intellectual stimulation and enriching figures. This leaves them poorly equipped for school because they have not been able to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills. Also the language used by portentous children in inadequate for educational success. Also those who dont speak English at home may be held back educationally. However, Mirza and Gillborn note that Indian pupils do very well despite not having English as their home language. -Attitudes and Values want of motivation is a major cause of the failure of black children. many another(prenominal) children are socialised in a mainstream culture of ambi tion, competitiveness and willingness to make scarifies to achieve long-term goals.Black children are socialised into a fatalist subculture. -Family structure Failure to socialise children adequately is the result of dysfunctional family structure. Many black families are headed by a lone-mother their children are deprived of adequate care because she has to struggle financially due to the absence seizure of the male breadwinner. The absence of the father also leads to the absence of the positive role model. Charles Murray would lead to the under-achievement of some minorities. Pryce Asian pupils are higher achievers because their culture is more resistant to racial discrimination and gives them a greater sense of self-worth. Black culture is less sticky and less resistant to racism. Thus they have low self-esteem and under-achieve.-Asian families driver and Ballard they bring educational benefits as the parents have more positive attitudes towards education, higher aspirations a nd are therefore more supportive. Lupton respectful behaviour towards adults was expected from children, and had a knock-on effect in schools. Khan parents are stress ridden, bound by tradition, and controlling. -Criticisms Driver ignores positive effects of ethnicity on achievement. Lawrence black pupils under-achieve because of racism not self-esteem. Keddie victim-blaming theory. They under-achieve because schools are ethnocentric and favour white culture. Compensatory Education it is an attempt to impose on the dominant white culture on children who have a culture of their own. Critics propose 2 alternatives Multicultural education recognises values of minority cultures and includes them in the curriculum. Anti- racist education challenges the prejudice and discrimination that exists in schools and wider society.3b) Material Deprivation-Stats 1) Pakistani and Bangladeshi women are more likely to be in low-paid jobs. 2) 15% of ethnic minority households live in overcrowded cond itions. 3) Unemployment is three measure higher for African and Bangladeshi/Pakistani people. -Gillborn and Mirza argue that social class factors dont ignore the influence of ethnicity. When we compare pupils of the same social class but different ethnic origins, we still find differences in achievement.3c) racism in Wider Society-David Mason disparity is a proceed and persistent feature of the experience of Britains citizens of ethnic minority origin. -Rex shows how racial discrimination leads to social exclusion and how this worsens the poverty go about by ethnic minorities. E.g. housing minorities are more likely to be forced into substandard accommodation than whites. -Noon two people with the same qualifications and experience applied for a job. However, the white person got the job, rather than the Indian. Thus shows that ethnic minorities are more likely to face unemployment and low pay.Internal Factors (ethnic differences)4a) Labelling and Teacher Racism-Interactionists They see that teachers picture an image of the ideal pupil. simply they see that black and Asian far from the ideal pupil. This leads them to label black pupils as disruptive and aggressive, and Asian pupils as passive and a problem they can ignore. -Gillborn and Youdell due to racialised expectations, teachers were quicker to discipline black pupils than others for the same behaviour. -Black pupils Teachers misinterpreted their behaviour as threatening/challenge to authority. Pupils then responded negatively and further fight resulted. This may be why many black pupils are excluded, and their stereotypes may cause them to be in lower sets (under-achievement). -Asian pupils Teachers assumed that they would have a poor grasp of English and left them out of class discussions or used simplistic childish language. They also felt isolated when teachers mispronounced their names or teachers expressed disapproval of their customs.4b) Pupil Responses and Subcultures- instinct(predicate) Study of a group of black lady friends in year 11. Found that the girls conformed as far as school work was concerned. They worked consistently, but gave the appearance of not doing so (positive attitude to academic success, but preferred to rely on their own efforts than teachers). Fuller sees that pupils may still succeed even when they refuse to conform, and negatively labelling doesnt always lead to failure (no self-fulfilling prophecy). -Mirza Study of ambitious girls who faced teacher racism. The study failed as their coping strategies restricted their opportunities and thus under-achieved. She found that racist teachers discouraged black pupils from being ambitious through the kind of life story advice that was given to them.The colour blind teachers who believe all pupils are equal but allow racism got unchallenged. Liberal chauvinists teachers who believe black pupils are culturally deprived and had low expectations of them. Overt racists teachers who believe blacks are i nferior and discriminate against them. -Sewell Four ways in which boys respond to racist stereotyping Rebels (rejected both the goals and rules of school, conforming to the stereotype of the black macho lad. Saw white boys as effeminate), Conformists (keen to succeed, accepted the schools goals and avoided stereotypes from teachers or their peers), Retreatists (disconnected from both school and black subcultures), Innovators (pro-education but anti-school).4c) The Ethnocentric Curriculum-Ethnocentric attitude/policy that gives more value to one culture and ignores the rest. -The curriculum is very ethnocentric (favouring white culture). E.g. in teaching languages non-European languages are ignored (also other cultures in literature, art and music). However, in history, black history is taught, but it is focused on slavery. This may produce lower self-esteem to black pupils as this image of black people as inferior undermines them and may lead to failure.4d) Institutional Racism-Inst itutional racism discrimination that is built into the way institutions operate. -Schools tend to set schemes for the quick-witted and talented, and vocational schemes for the less academic e.g. black and Asians.External Factors ( sexual activity differences)5a) Girls-Feminism McRobbie shows that magazines in the 1970s emphasised the importance of getting married. Whereas, nowadays, they contain images of assertive, independent women. Also scoopful operas now highlight the importance of self-esteem and personal choice for new(a) women. -Family Sine the 1970s there have been major changes in the family. For standard an increase in divorcement rates, increase in cohabitation and a hang in the number of first marriages, increase in the number of lone-parent families (female-headed) and smaller families. These changes affect girls attitudes to education. Such as the increase in female lone-parent families may mean more women need to take on the breadwinner role. This creates a ne w adult role model for girls- the financially independent.To achieve this, women need well-paid jobs, and thus good qualifications. Also the increase in divorce rates suggests that girls can make their own living. -Employment 1970 Equal Pay Act (illegal to pay women less for the same job as men), Sex Discrimination Act. Womens employment has risen due to the service sector and plastic part-time work. 1975- The pay gap between men and women has increased. Women are now breaking through the glass ceiling (keeps them out of high-level master copy managerial jobs). -Ambitions Sharpe- study involved conducting interviews with girls in the 1970s and 1990s. In the 1970s the girls felt that education with unfeminine and if they were interested, it would make them unattractive. In the 1990s, the girls ambitions had changed, and thought vocations are more important as they can support themselves.5b) Boys-Feminisation of education Schools do not nurture masculine traits much(prenominal) as competitiveness and leadership. Also coursework has created differences in educational achievement. -Shortage of male primary school teachers Strong positive male role models both at home and at school cause may causeunder-achievement. 16% of men are primary school teachers. 42% said they made them work harder. Yet, Myhill and Jones found they felt male teachers treated boys harshly. -Laddish subculture WC boys are more likely to be labelled as sissies and subjected to homophobic verbal abuse if they appeared to be swots. Boys were more concerned to be labelled by peers than girls, as it is a threat to their masculinity. Thus, WC boys rejected schoolwork to avoid being called gay. Epstein- real boys dont work if they do, they get bullied.Internal Factors ( sexual practice differences)6a) Girls and Achievement-Equal opportunities policies Policies such as GIST and WISE encourage girls to pursue a career in non-traditional areas. The National Curriculum has removed one source of gend er inequality by making girls and boys study mostly the same subjects. Also schooling has become meritocentric. -Positive role models The increase in female teachers shows that women can achieve positions of importance and giving them non-traditional goals to aim for. -GCSE and coursework Girls are more undefeated in coursework as they are more conscientious and better organised. Sociologists argue that these characteristics and skills are the result of early gender socialisation. E.g. girls are likely to be encouraged to be neat, tidy and patient. This puts girls in a better place as they achieve greater success.Elwood- not the only cause of the gender gap. -Teacher attention Teachers paid more attention to boys as they are attracted to reprimands. This may explain why teachers have more positive attitudes to girls, whom they see as cooperative, than to boys, whom are seen as disruptive. This may lead to self-fulfilling prophecy in which successful interactions with teachers promo te girls self-esteem and raise the achievement levels. -Challenging stereotypes in the curriculum prejudiced images have been removed from learning materials.This may help raise girls success levels- more positive images of what women can do. -Selection and league tables Girls are more likely to be recruited from good schools as they are more attractive to schools. This may create a self-fulfilling prophecy. -Feminists Liberal- See that further progress will be made by the continuing developments of equal opportunities, and see education is a meritocracy. Radical- System still remains patriarchal. E.g. sexual anguish continues, education still limits their subject choice and career options, females are less likely to become head-teachers.

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Discuss Wharton’s presentation of the character development of Newland Archer

The character of modland Archer is nowadaysed in this passage by means of his meditations on a range of issues. The scene is personate directly after an Archer family dinner with a friend, Sillerton Jackson. Archers reflections give us a glimpse into the way he thinks and the sort of person he is. Initially we learn about Archer himself and his background, he is from a moneyed family, with ever vigilant servants, bronze statuettes and his own study. We can also correspond from the description of the study that he is cultured, intelligent and well read.The passage allows us to see a little of his history, especially of the tale of his romance with may Welland. Her large photograph has dis hardened all others on his table, signifying that she and no other is low in his affections. Archers view of their impending labor union is initially that he give be her souls custodian, showing that it will be a rattling traditional relationship, that she is nai??ve compared to him, and that he must protect and enlighten her. He was taught that marriage to May would be like safe anchorage in brio but he tells us his belief is changing, that he believes it may be like a voyage on uncharted seas.This clear nautical tomography lets us see how Archer is coming to doubt his previously unquestioned accomplished beliefs old settled convictions and that it may be hard for him to go into this marriage so unprepared. He is moving on, intellectually, questioning what he once held firm. Archers attitude to his relationship with May is inextricably linked to his elemental conventional traditional mindset. He sees himself and May as key players in a courtship ritual that they possibly could become stereo classifiable examples of great deal linked by ignorance on the one side and hypocrisy on the other.In a way he believes this is inevitable collect to the society they both belong to, but it is not what he wants from marriage. He desires passionate and tender comradesh ip with May in their marriage he loves her sincerely. However her attitude to her character shows that he does not in full understand her. He sees her as partly as an artificial harvest-tide produced by her family, her up bringing, making her innocent and frank. He feels this is wrong that she has in some way been denied the right to be a full person, as she has been denied the experience of life, social, ethnic and sexual, that he has been allowed to explore.He feels what has been created in her personality is false, but somehow we set about the impression that this is something that has been hard for him to come across. He sees her as less than him intellectually, as she is not educated as he has been, in the arts and literature, and therefore senses her comprehension is less, when actually it may just be her lack of flick to his amount of learning. Newland Archers relationship with the women soon to be his cousin through with(predicate) his impending marriage to May, El len Olenska, is that this point in the novel, still slight. He knows her partially through acquaintance but mostly through gossip.The way he thinks of her as Countess shows the distance and formality between them and he does believe that she has done something distressing that requires championship. This shows that although he believes Women should be free, this will never really apply to New York standards and he resents the coil of scandal her arrival has placed him in. Her arrival and the talk surrounding it seems to have acted as a atom smasher to his thought patterns, hinting of a deeper relationship to come. She is this woman with foreign ways who could be free as men are, and she makes Newland aware of the implications and reality of his betrothal.Newland Archers character discipline is presented throughout the passage as a struggle between what he did believe in and what he is coming to doubt the validity of through new experiences and thoughts. His attitude to society i s important as it stands for his old conventional self, and his reactions to its dictates, especially on the theme of marriage, show how he is maturing and thinking independently. The imagery he uses to describe New York society are important, conventions that tied things unneurotic and bound people down this rope imagery suggests the constricting constitution of tradition and how it hods all subject to it captive.The irony betrayed by Edith Whartons tone in the presentation of the conscious thoughts of Newland Archer shows the slightly ridiculous nature of New York society. The situation Archer is in regarding his own defence of Countess Olenska is ironic, as he would be forced to condemn May should she ever behave as well to her cousin. Another irony in the passage is the description of the state of typical New York proud society marriages as having an enviable ideal when honestly they are in a pitiable state.Lefferts is described as the high priest of form when really he ha s no substance or true beliefs and is truly hypocritical, especially in regard to his treatment of Beauforts affairs. The demeanor of Mrs Wellands simulated reluctance at the announcement of the engagement when really she expect it is sarcastically commented on showing the double standards between what is said and what is pass judgment throughout New York society. Edith Wharton uses conflicting ideas within Newland Archers mind to effectively present a man who is changing and developing into a deeper way of thinking about his own life and society in general.

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Siddhartha: Journey Towards Self Discovery

A Journey Towards Self-discovery By Gabrielle Revelo Behind all the endeavors of Siddhartha are prompts that steer him to a different path. Thus, he experiences many different types of the world finishedout his journey of discovering the truth at bottom himself. In attaining truth, it is essential for Siddhartha to discover the ace of the world. One foundation non find the frankness in ones be if the world itself is disintegrated a vital share of self-discovery is angiotensin converting enzyme of the world.It is in the champion of the physical world where Siddhartha discovers the key concept of determination truth in his own persona. Therefore, purpose champion with the world can co-exist with profound personal satisfaction in animation. Everything that happens to Siddhartha piles up to actualizations, because through his experiences he gains adequate spirit, which eventually leads him to the last companionship, which satisfies all his worldly desires. In the end, Si ddharthas encounter with Vasudeva really matters the longest in his quest of finding truth.It is the ferryman who served as the catalyst for his self-discovery. Finding the unity of the mortal world is a constituent in achieving self-discovery Siddhartha only attains the truth within him through discovering the unity of the world. When Siddhartha exposes himself in a disunited world of materialism with Kamala and Kamaswami, which Siddhartha denotes as the indorse of Samsara, he ends up with a vital realization Then Siddhartha knew that the granular was finished, that he could play it no yener. A shudder passed through his carcass he felt as if something had died (85).As Siddhartha recognizes the disunity of the world, he feels nauseated with himself, and shares a joint perspective on how he perceives the world. Through Siddharthas perception of a disunited world, he is unable to find the unity in himself. that as Siddhartha escapes the world of spirituality, in being a Brahmi n, or a Samana and when he flees his life of materialism with Kamala and Kamaswami, Siddhartha ventures in the first representation of the unity of nature, the river this is when Siddhartha reaches to a the ultimate discovery From that hour ceased to fight over against his destiny.There shone in his heart the serenity of knowledge, of one who is no longer confronted with conflict of desires, who has found salvation, who is in harmony with the stream of events, with the stream of life, full of sympathy and compassion, surrendering himself to the stream be to the unity of all things. (136). Through the unity of nature, Siddhartha hears the sound of perfection or the sound of contentment within him. It is when he witnesses transcendence of the world where he discovers his being.Govinda wanders in the riverbanks to hear for himself the words of a pious ferryman who has been the talk of the town. He then discovers that the ferryman is no other than his childhood mavin Siddhartha as their intercourse concludes Govinda notices in his friends appearance He no longer saw the vista of his friend Siddhartha. Instead, he saw other faces, many faces, a long series, a continuous stream of faces hundreds, thousands, which all came and disappeared and unless all assuremed to be there at the same measure, which all continually changed and renewed themselves and which were yet all Siddhartha (150).Through Govindas divine impression of Siddharthas physique, it ascertains Siddharthas deed of peace. He is the sole witness of Siddharthas self-discovery. Siddharthas life from being a clever Brahmin, a patient Samana, a lavish businessman, and as a ferryman are all essential towards his self-discovery for they have indicated directions to Siddartha and eventually those prompts leads him towards self-discovery.As Siddhartha departs his life with his parents, the Brahmins, he follows the way of the Ascetics after so many years of financial backing the life of an Ascetic, Si ddhartha moves further to seek prescience from the Gotama, the Buddha This fruit, for which we are already obligated(predicate) to Gotama, consists of the fact that he has enticed us away from the Samanas. Whether there are inactive other and better fruits, let us patiently wait and see (23). As Siddhartha absorbs the knowledge that the Samanas once imparted to him, it directs him to a different path.Through his constant long for discovering truth, Siddhartha acquires more understanding that was essential to decode the puzzle towards truth. By the time Siddhartha absorbs the teachings of his previous spiritual life as a Brahmin and a Samana, and as he parts ways with the promise of Buddhas enlightenment he goes to the town and experiences the domain of materialism it took many years for Siddhartha to clash upon another realization I have had to experience so frequently stupidity, so many vices, so much error, so much nausea, disenchantment and sorrow, just in order to become a child again and begin anew.But it was right that it should be so my eyes and heart annunciate it (96-7). Through experiencing another perspective of life, Siddhartha finally grasps the notion that truth is not defined by materialism. It is another milestone in his life, which forces him to reevaluate his life. lastly as Siddhartha encounters nature, represented by the river he finally locates the final parcel of his realization Within Siddhartha there slowly grew and ripened the knowledge of what experience really was and the goal of his long seeking.It was nothing but a education of his soul, a capacity, a secret art of thinking, feeling and breathing thoughts of unity at every moment of life (131). In the terminal physique of Siddharthas realization, wisdom is reflected on his journey. Various directions prompt Siddartha to take up different lifestyles. Siddharthas encounter with the ferryman, Vasudeva impacts him the most in his journey towards self-unity it is the ferryman who introduces the vast knowledge of nature to Siddhartha, whom Siddhartha eventually perceives, and ultimately attains peace.After Siddhartha awakens from his long unconsciousness to reality, he approaches a ferryman whom he adores his capabilities I also thank you, Vasudeva, for listening so well. There are few people who know how to listen and I have not met anybody who can do so like you. I will also learn from you from this respect (105). Siddharthas appreciation of the ferrymans listening capacity, the very first time they decide to venture together, promptly highlights the ferrymans importance to Siddharthas search. The peace that Siddhartha observes from Vasudevas image becomes his goal.When Sidhartha recognizes the ultimate power of the nature, in the moment of self-discovery, he remembers an essential person This knowledge matured in him slowly, and it was reflected in Vasudevas old childlike face harmony, knowledge of the eternal perfection of the world and unity (131) . Through Siddharthas comparison of perfection to Vasudeva, demonstrates Siddharthas recognition of his predecessors great contribution to his realization. Moreover, Siddhartha exhibits his owed learning to the ferryman through recollecting his image to his experience of peace.Siddhartha explains to Govinda the great realization that Vasudeva came about When this holy man went off into the woods, he new everything he knew more than you and I, without teachers, without books, just because he believed in the river (147). Siddhartha illustrates the greatness of Vasudeva through explaining to his friend the realization that the ferryman once imparted to him. Through Sidharthas demonstration of his shared understanding with Vasudeva to Govinda, ascertains the vitality of Vasudeva in his search for truth.

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Example Fo a Descriptive Essay Eng 101

Week 4 assigning Descriptive Essay John Barkle IV ENG 121 English Composition I Instructor Antoinette Oesterlein 11/24/12 It is a very jolly Christmas. Its my favorite time of year. For some people, Christmas lasts single day. For me it starts the week before good ordain and last the whole month tenacious. I occupy been celebrating month long Christmases since I was a trivial boy. My family owns 5 Christmas shoetree backpacks, and I have the pleasure of working on our main give out Deejohns Christmas trees in San Mateo.This theme w ill discuss the sites, sounds, and sapiditys of the Christmas tree lot, and how there is no charge that says Christmas analogous a real Christmas tree lot. (Thesis) The first affair you billhook is the lights. Most every Christmas tree lot uses the same types of lights. The temporary illume system uses evenly spaced b are light bulbs strung methodic exclusivelyy above distributively row of trees. This creates an unmistakeable pattern of lights that screams Christmas tree lot.Maybe it is average because I am so attuned to the business, but I can recognize a Christmas tree lot from a mile a focusing because the way the lights construction from a distance is so distinct. Most people probably do not think close to it, but next time you are out during the season, keep an eye off into the distance while you subscribe to down the street. I am sure you will understand what I am talking about once you start to look for it. Of mannequin the near distinctive feature of a Christmas tree lot is the trees. We pageantry our trees all in a row,side by side, and sorted by height.As you crack on the lot you notice the trees all grouped together like a little chiliad forest amongst the urban background. Something about the way the trees are arranged in even straight rows, make the little ones want to play hide and seek. Almost every kid who comes on the lot ends up hiding in the trees. Of course every one decorates the plac e with bright red, green, gold, and silver Christmas ornaments. We have a 5 derriere tall inflatable Santa. Standing next to Santa are two 3 feet tall elves, all dress in holiday green and red, with their pointy green elf shoes and red jingle bell hats.The most renowned reindeer of all Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer stands with Santa and his elves. One thing that is unmistakable about a real Christmas tree lot is the emotional state of fresh cut fir trees. One thing you can not get away from on our Christmas tree lot is the medication. As I sit and write this essay, I am listening to Bing Crosby singing Ill be home for Christmas over the loud speakers outside the trailer. On our tree lot there is always Christmas music playing. From Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, to The Little Drummer Boy, Christmas music is playing from open to close.To be honest, we all get a little tired of it near the end of the season, but for our customers, it would just not be the same experience with out hot apple cider and Christmas Carols. I can not count the number of times I caught myself busyness Im Dreaming of a White Christmas In July. Another sound you con on the lot all the time is the sound of laughter. Children dart among the rows(even though we tell them to walk for their safety) and giggle when they get found by their siblings and parents. For the most part, a Christmas Tree lot is the happiest place on Earth.There is something about the experience that just lends itself to good cheer. This is the one time of year ma gets to be as picky as she wants, while Dad just sits back and says Yes dear it is a beautiful tree, I think the your make is going to love it. Of course Dad always glances at me, rolls his eyeball and shrugs as if to say What can I do? Its Christmas Almost everyone who comes on the tree lot comments on the fresh reek of pine, and how wonderful it is. What most people realize is there is no pine on our tree lot. All of our trees are Firs.We have Nob le Fir, Douglas Fir, and Grand Fir and each has a distinctive smell. The noble fir smells like a traditionalistic Christmas tree. The Noble fir smell is the smell most people concern to Christmas trees. The smell of our Douglas Firs is overpowered by the Noble and Grand firs on the lot, but when you take them home they can really perk up your lace with the smell of Christmas. My favorite tree for smell is the Grand Firs. The Grand fir has a vibrant green needle with a silver gray back. The imperious fir has a powerful and pungent oil, and it has a vibrant smell that is unmatched by any other live tree I have experienced.Just rubbing a branch on your skin or clothes can leaving you tone festive for hours. Working on a Christmas tree lot is a dirty business, but I have come home from many another job smelling much worse than I do at the end of a long day on the lot. The sights and smells of Christmas come and go, but the music rest with me the whole year round. Christmas is one t ime of year that brings families separated by states and nations back together even if only for a short time, and the Christmas Tree Lot seems to be one experience they all seem to fit in is positive and fun.From the delicious cinnamon spiced hot apple cider, the pungent olfaction of fresh cut fir trees, and the joyous laughter of a juicy of hide and seek in the trees, a visit to the tree lot is loved and remembered by all. Come visit us, and I bet you will find yourself humming Jingle Bells or Joy to the World all the way home. Whatever you do, dont forget to grab a red and sporting stripped peppermint candy cane on your way out.

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How Recent Laws Promote Anti Discriminatory Practise In An Health And Social Care Environment

If any mortal or organisation discriminates against any one due to these f deedors whence this is against the honor and the person that has been discriminated amongst is entitled to take legal action to by goods for their is unlawful to discriminate anyone. An example of inconsistency is that an employer does not give an applicator a job even though they atomic number 18 the best adapted person because the employer incorrectly thinks that the applicant is gay. This is a form of direct discrimination. In a health and social c be setting you should treat everyone as no matter their sexual orientation. As a care superior you should not make assumptions or make prejudgements about a person because it could lead to the care user being physical and emotion onlyy languish as they are going to feel that they are not clock time value because of their differences to other people in society. You as a care passkey should value everyones differences as it shows respect to the care user.It is substantial that you rear everyone with the same amount of respect as this is in their code of impart which all employees should follow as this is part for their job and they should take this into consideration. The employment of this act if that it puts together 40 years ofequalities together legalisation all in one place. The purpose of this act is that it provides the same levels of nurseion from discrimination across all the protected characteristics in places where it is the most appropriate. another(prenominal) tenableness is that this acts simples and consoles approximately 116 pieces of separate equality legalisation together . This act is important for our society as it means that It extends the equality duty to require the in the public eye(predicate) sector to take into account the need of all protected groups this act protects disable people from potential discriminated questions in the recruitment process it protect carers from discriminati onIt states in this act that it protects pregnant women and mothers from using services The next law I will be talking about is the human right published in 1998. This act promotes anti discriminatory practise as people are entitled to a different amount of rights. These are some of the rightsthe right to life the right to liberty the right to be protected against torture and slavery the right to have a pardon trail and punishment respect of privacy and family life freedom of thoughtAll residents life in the UK are entitled to these rights . An example of this is that a woman named rosy-cheeked told the manager that she was pregnant. the right that this lady is entitled to is that she is allowed to go on gestation period leave .this is an right that the lady is entitled to as in the health and social care sector women are allowed to take off time when pregnant so they can send quality time with their family. Another example of a right is that in all hospitals patient are allowed to see their relatives during the visiting time locating on the ward. This allows the relative to croak quality time with the ill patient.

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Discovery of a Father

In find of a Father by Sherwood Anderson and Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayes, Sherwood and the loud speaker unit system both do non wonder of their nonpluss actions but begin to appreciate them later on. In the beginning as young boys, both of the sons are lacking the appreciation for their experiences. In Discovery of a Father, Sherwood does not like the fact that his father is a storyteller and how his father would lie ab disclose his nationality and take someone elses as his own. For example, Sherwood recalls, If an Irishman came to our house, right away father would say he was Irish. If it was a Scotchman the same thing happened (5).Sherwoods father is also a dud and someone who is absent for long periods of time in their familys life history which Sherwood also dislikes. Sherwood also can not understand how his m early(a) could give birth it. Similar to Sherwood, the speaker reveals his fathers unlikeable traits. The speaker does not like the fact that his father h as an unlikeable temper. He expresses how his fathers temper is caused by his long hours at work and the lack of thankfulness. The speaker spends his boyhood fearing the chronic angers of the house (Hayes 9). So soon each son comes to receive that his father actually does love him.Although this dislike for both Sherwoods and the speakers fathers actions occur, they also both experience a paradigm shift when they realize that they allow some type of solid ground to New 2 love their fathers because their fathers love them. Sherwoods father demonstrates much(prenominal) love when he takes him swimming in the pond which gives them a recover to connect with one another. Sherwood recalls that it was a feeling of closenessIt was as though thither were only we two in the world (Anderson 8). Ironically, Sherwoods father is usually very playful and energized but during that night he becomes alone serious and silent.Then Sherwood relates to his father when he notices that not only his fa ther is a storyteller but he himself is as well. On the other hand, the speaker discovers his fathers love when he is older when he remembers when his father displayed a few acts of kindness to him when the speaker says, had driven out the cold/and polished my good shoes well (Hayden11-12). Therefore the sons in both Discovery of a Father and Those Winter Sundays each have their eyes open to a love that they thought was not there but always was.

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The Glass Menegerie vs August Osage County

Patel 1 The More Dysfunctions, The More Escapes The Wingfields and Westons ar both irreproducible families who carry distinctive traits and characteristics. In the play, The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams awards a southern family in the 1930s trying to deal with lifes pressures, and their suffer fears after their husband and father abandon them. In the play, August Osage County, Tracy Letts depicts a large eccentric family who come unneurotic after the death of the patriarch, Beverly, and try to triumph over the obstacles in life.Unhealthy and noisome relationships among family members are ample between the two families. The Wingfield and Weston families are both detain by their throw dysfunctions, which office them to be confined in their own homes, ultimately causing the abandoned matriarchs to either face the truth or continue to run from it. First, the Wingfields and Westons are both abnormal families who share a lot of the same dysfunctions as one another. Each me mber of the Wingfield family has their own issues and problems.Laura has a slight physical disability, hardly her mind is signifi cornerstonetly more crippled. Laura is very weak and open to attack she is unable to defend herself from the truths of life. Amanda attempts to portray herself as a loving mother, doing everything she sack up for her children, and caring nothing for herself, Patel 2 when in fact, she is quite selfish, demanding and disrespectful. Amanda disrespects Tom, as she says,What is the matter with you, you-big-big-idiot (Williams 21) Amanda claims that she devotes her life to her children, and that she would do anything for them, further is very suspicious of Toms activities, and frequently pressures Tom, trying to force him in finding a man caller for Laura, believing that Laura is sole(a) and needs a companion. Tom resents his mother greatly, not only because she ceaselessly gets her way with him, but because she is so suspicious of his activities, causin g a particular trust between them. The Weston family has their dysfunctional issues as well.everybody in the family is constantly worry over the fact that the patriarch, Beverly, has mysteriously disappeared which is than discovered to be a suicide. The yellow journalism popping and unstable mother, violet, does not make the situation any better. She is a drug addict who frequently disrespects people in spite of their attempts to help. As well, she shows a great lack of respect over the passing of her husband. legion(predicate) family members, especially Barbara Fordham, the eldest daughter, is stressed over Violets term and often tries to stop her addiction.Barbara confronts her mother most the situation and asks for the pills by saying, Gimme those blasted pills- (Letts 96) There is no admiration between any of the family members, therefore resulting in conflict and argument on a frequent basis. Patel 3 Furthermore, both families are confined in their homes and are forced to see and emit to one another. The Wingfields constantly give the impression of being discontented with for each one other. No adoration is being recognized, nor appreciation of one another. They pilenot hop out their weak flat due to their financial crisis.Tennesee Williams depicts the prison-like atmosphere of the flat tire, as he writes, The Wingfield apartment is in the rear of the building, one of those vast hive-like conglomerations of cellular living-units that flower as warty growths in overcrowded urban centers of lower middle-class populations and are symptomatic of the impulse of this largest and fundamentally enslaved section of American society to avoid liquid state and differentiation and to exist and function as one interfused mass of automatism. (Williams 3)Due to the dearth and scarcity of money, the Wingfields cannot have a great life style. The condition of their apartment resembles their torn apart family. The go over break loose is the closest way fo r the Wingfield family to escape. The fire escape gives Tom the opportunity to abandon the apartment and get outside(a) from his nagging mother. Amanda sees the fire Patel 4 escape as an opportunity for gentleman callers to enter their lives. Lauras view is different from her mother and her brother her escape seems to be hiding inside the apartment.Also, the Westons are trapped in their homes and cant seem to escape. They dont all live together, but are brought together as one due to the death of the patriarch, Beverly. Every member of the Weston family has their differences. They endure many another(prenominal) problems as they live with one another. An singularity of incarceration is when Violet tapes the shades and lets nobody opens them. Charlie questions Mattie Fae about the situation, This telephone circuit with the shades, taping the shades? (Letts 20) As soon as the family members see that they can break away from the house, they leave as soon as they can.Even though th e family is brought together, they are all happier with their individual lives away from the family. Lastly, facing the truth can be challenging and exigent for authentic people. In this case, Amanda Wingfield is not cognisant of the truth and repeatedly nags and aggravates her children. Amanda stipulates Tom to comb his copper, as she says, Comb your hair You look so pretty when your hair is combed. (Williams 38) Amanda mainly bothers Tom about finding a gentleman caller for Laura, she feels that Laura is lonely and needs a companion in order to be happy and pleased in life.Also, she Patel 5 thinks that Laura will not be secure and protected in the future if she does not find a companion. Amanda often fantasises about her past, and uses it to escape reality. She constantly reminds Tom and Laura of the time she received seventeen gentleman callers. As opposed to Violet, who is conscious(predicate) of the truth, but continues to run from it. There are some(prenominal) things th at Violet knows, but doesnt mention to the other members of the family. Violet is aware of the fact that Barbara and Bills marriage is ruined and the chances of getting a divorce are high.Also, she knows that Beverly had an affair with Mattie Fae and they had a son, Little Charles. Violet tells Ivy the truth about her and Little Charles, as she utters, Little Charles and you are brother and sister. I know that. (Letts 133) Violet escapes from the truth by pickings pills and drinking alcohol. She doesnt want to tell anybody about the past because she doesnt want to cause more nuisances in the family household. Thus, it is clear that the Wingfield and Weston families have their similarities and differences as well.Each family has their own issues and challenges they handle it in various ways. Each family member approaches certain situations differently. Each of the two families has many disagreements and conflicts, and they all find a parking lot route to get out of it. The Wingfiel ds and Westonss have many dysfunctions, which lead them to be incarcerated in their households, eventually, Patel 6 forcing the remaining mothers to make a decision in either facing the truth or rail away from it.

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Analyzing the Major Theme in “A Model of Christian Charity”

Analyzing the study Theme in A Model of Christian Charity tin Winthrops A Model of Christian Charity illustrates Americas status as the trail nation of the globe and the unity of the Americans community. Throughout his speech, Winthrop talked about the bonds and ties, during his speech he talked about the same theme using different words in order to reinforce the idea that a successful colony essential keep absolute unity and conformity. The consentaneous speech is presented in the commencement plural person, that adverts that the Puritans (Winthrop is star of them), atomic number 18 undiversified group.In his speech he states many an(prenominal) times that there are knit together in a bond of common cause and common destiny, that appears when he says in a bond of common cause and common destiny, every single(a)s destine subject to that of the group. He also c eithers attention to Puritans when he says For we must accept that we shall be as a city upon a hill, to sugges t once more that the different individuals are all delimited into one larger entity, one to which the world will look for leadership and guidance.He doesnt swan still on unity mingled with and among the individual Puritans,but also he pursues the unity between God and humans,the sacred and the political scienceal. He speaks about the more near bond of matrimony Between God and the Puritans, as he said First, in regard of the more near bond of marriage between Him and us, obligating them to the higher purpose God intends not only to one another. There are many phrases that combine the system of government with that of religion, such as government both civil and ecclesiastical.Winthrop quotes from the playscript many times during his speech, and reach outs scriptural allusions, his allusions always points to rise up the Puritans crusade and to escape oppression. He also compares the special commission God has wedded the Puritans to the commission given Saul to destroy Amaleck in the Old volition (He indented with him upon certain articles, and because he failed in one of the least, and that upon a fair pretense, it alienated him the kingdom, which should have been his reward, if he had observed his commission).In addition he quotes Moses speaking to the Israelites on their way from slavery to the Promised Land Beloved there is now get along before us life and death, good and evil, hinting himself as a kind of law giver directly from God and the Puritans as a new chosen batch. Between al the established in northern approximately America and elsewhere around the world, Winthrop gives the creation of this colony a biblical importance, as though when scripture is read in the future, the Puritans founding of mommy would be included.The sense of self-importance fills Winthrops speech, and to dramatically emphasize this grandness, Winthrops speak moves from the most elevated and the colonys success, to the most dark, when describing consequences of poten tial failure. Winthrop states that in success, God will make them (the puritans) a praise and glorypeople will look at them as an example. He constantly refers to the Puritans as though they were the most main(prenominal) people to God, commanding all of His attention, as he saysFor we must watch that we shall be as a city upon a hill.The eyes of all people are upon us. So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present serve up from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world. He constantly refers to the Puritans as though they were the most important people to God, commanding all of His attention. Winthrop uses language suggestive of ultimate damnation and ruin, verbalise thatWe shall open the mouths of enemies to speak evil of the ways of God, and all professors for Gods sake.We shall shame the faces of many of Gods worthy servants, and cause their prayers to be turned into curses upon us ti ll we are consumed out of the good land whither we are going. The concept of individual damnation through sin is here applied to a whole people, binding them in their destruction. Winthrop thinks that Puritans are so important to God compare with other humans in the earth. In his speech Winthrop affect strongly upon the Puritans (his audience), the great importance of what they are doing and the frightening,universe-shaking consequences if they fail.Winthrop breeds an elevated sense of pride in accomplishment and fearof failure into his audience and demands of them an absolute sense of unity between each other and with their faith, making dissent equal to destruction or damnation. This sense of America being the center of the world, a nation of individuals skip over together and lives in a unity. Despite the different cultures that make up America, the Puritanical roots remain a strong part of thenational character.

People Attend College for Many Different Reasons Essay

Although people escort college or school for umteen different reasons, one of the most common reason for people to attend a college is for a career forwardness. Although we have new experiences and also take a leak noesis by attending a college or university, those are not the primary reasons for people attending a college because we can also brace new experiences wherever new we go and whatever new we do. We provide surely have new experiences if we attend a college but we do not attend a college for new experiences.Second, we do not fair(a) attend a college hardly for increased knowledge. If increasing the knowledge is the only motivation for the person, then we have many former(a) sources like textbooks, journals, profits and many other sources which can help us to gain knowledge. We want not attend a college if gaining knowledge is the only reason. However, we gain knowledge if we attend a college but gaining knowledge is not the only movement to attend a college or u niversity.For example, if a university offers a very fantabulous environment and it can impart knowledge to the students better than any other university but if it does not offer any degree and does not submit any job opportunities, I am pretty sure that hardly a(prenominal) people will prefer to get married it. Similarly, if a university is not so good at infrastructure and research work but if it stable able to provide a better placement and career growth, it is no surprise that many people will be ready to join that university compared to the latter.So, from the reasons and examples stated above I think there are many factors that influences a person to join a college or university, career preparation is the most important of all.

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Who Are Aware of the Demands of Religious Commitment in Everyday Life.’ in What Ways Does Classroom Re Achieve This

The outcome of apparitional emergence is apparitionally literate soulfulness early mass who atomic number 18 aware of the demands of religious consecratement in effortless look. In what modalitys does classroom RE achieve this? The quote in this essay title not however states that children who bugger off religious education become religiously literate upstart people further that they also begin to know the importance of religious commitment in everyday manners. This however is an easy proposition to state, and to achieve this in classroom apparitional pedagogy piece of tail be a demanding and challenging realisation.For a child to become religiously literate they need to be fit to attend and devour cognition active Religion, but to become aware of the demands they not only need to grow slightly Religious breeding, they need to date from it. Religious teaching method in Catholic schools is not only learning from classroom RE but from the wider communi ty from parents and the parish. It is all-important(prenominal) when learning catholic religion in a catholic school the teacher relate the learning in the classroom to the wider community so the children can become aware and possibly conciliate the demands of the catholic everyday life.As the Catholic Education Service says If in Catholic schools, we are capable to play our part in the moral development of the young people in our charge, we need to agree among ourselves, with parents, what are divided up values are and how we plan to put them into practice. A school contributes or fails to contribute, to the moral development of its pupils, by the broad values that are upheld by the school generally. (1995,20) Catholic Education inspires children to be able to spend a penny their throw decisions, as Catholics believe we were all made in the image and analogy of god.Religious Education should be portrayed to children as a journey, where children can physical exertion their free will to choose their own religious path. They should be able to discover that everything we do our talents, gifts and experiences swear out us to lead a life in the image of God this is a huge commitment Catholics make in their everyday lives. Children in Classroom religion should be able to reflect on this and become aware of the demands of religious responsibility. As it states in the Bishops conference, The catholic vision of education promotes the dignity and freedom of every person as created in the image and likeness of God.This vision inspires and encourages the beliefs and values which are lived out in the daily life of the catholic school. (1996,10) When teaching Religious Education in a catholic school the teachers aim should be to develop the childrens knowledge about religion and help them understand it. It should be able to allow children to investigate and have opinion on some of the biggest question asked. However even when teaching in a catholic school not al l children may have been expose to religion and this may be their first look into it.Some children will have come from very catholic backgrounds and when they look into universality deeper it may kindle their faith. However to some children it may make them realise that they dont want to commit to the religious expressive style of life. Whatever the childrens beliefs it is important in a catholic school children are able to understand the religion and what it is about, as approving and OKeefe apprise For some, classroom religious education will transfer and enhance their personal faith for many it may well be the first presentation of the Christian beliefs. he freedom of conscience must(prenominal) be respected. (2007, 262) Although Religious Education is not subject to nationally incontrovertible attainment targets there are two attainment targets for Religious Education they are cultivation about Religions and Learning from religion. Learning about Religions covers skill s essential for pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of a variety of religions. Even in a Catholic school it is important children learn about other(a) religions to give them a broader knowledge of the world around us.Learning from religion encourages disapproval and allows learning from each other and listening to what the children bring to the class, by them communion their own thoughts and ideas. Learning from religion allows children to ask questions about lifes meaning and employment and explore and share human experiences. Religious Education encompasses many things and can be linked to many cross curricular subjects. It is important that religion helps develop children morally and spiritually.Religion can be linked to many subjects such as English, History, PSHE, I. C. T, Art, Drama and Mathematics. Linking Religious Education to these subjects helps children grasp topics more slowly and makes the lessons more varied. For example when I was on placement in a Ca tholic school I taught an RE lesson, the learning objective was to learn about the different stories the bible tells us about the birth of Jesus. We looked at the Annunciation and The Visitation, when we looked at the Visitation we looked at Luke 28-20 and Matthew 21-12.The children because drew on their tables using a whiteboard pen a Venn diagram to show the differences and similarities between the two versions of the story. This brought maths into the lesson and the children stayed engaged all the way by dint of as they were doing something different. Afterward we then did some freeze frames of the stories, if the children were tapped on the shoulder they would become the character and say how they were feeling at the time.This encompassed gambol into the lesson, and the children were able to get up and involved in the lesson, it really helped them understand the story and become part of it for a few moments. Another way to keep the children engaged and bring variety to Relig ion is by press release to visit a place of worship, for example if we were studying Islam the children could be interpreted to Mosques this will allow reflection and add reality to the learning experience. McCreery, Bowen and Berminghem suggest The presence of such places will reflect the religious and cultural liquidate of the local community.A place of worship is the source of a first- gift learning experience in which children can begin to recognise that their community is made up of diverse groups of people. (2007,93) One subject to which Religious Education particularity cogitate to is PSHE and they complement each other well together they can help moralistic development. Children can learn from faith about many contemporary issues, for example yieldness in the playground, helping others, living life in the image and likeness of Jesus.Much can be learnt from parables in the bible unmatched parable that in particular gives a clear message across to the children is the pa rable of the good Samaritan. This shows children that no matter what we are doing or who is in need of help, it is important that we always lend a helping hand to the people around us just like the Samaritan did. The Samaritan helped the man on the side of the road even though he was a Jew people would think he would have done the opposite as Samaritans disliked the Jews.Whereas the priest and the Levites just walked bygone, it is important children understand this is the wrong thing to do and they would follow in the Samaritans footsteps. They can think as if they were walking past the old man what would they do? This is not just teaching the children about the parables but linking it to real life situations, making them aware of the commitment to Catholicism in everyday life. For children to completely understand the demands of religious commitment in everyday life it is important that they can link religion to everyday and the world around us.A good way to do this would be to gabble about media, for example earlier this year Stephen Lawrence was murdered and his mother afterward loosing her son was willing to forgive the murderers however she said in an term I dont forgive the boys who killed Stephen. They dont think they have done anything wrong. They took away Stephens life and there is nothing in their behavior or anything to show they rue what their actions have done and the pain it has caused us as a family. It is important especially in a KS2 RE classroom to talk about the way the mum would be feeling? The fact shes forgive the murderers if they showed any remorse, is this a Christian way to behave? This allows children to develop their knowledge and understanding of, and their ability to respond to, Christianity in Britain. Although achieving a standard in an RE classroom where children can become religiously literate young peoplecan be challenging I believe with the right-hand(a) attitude and variety it is very possible.Using other subjects t o keep the children engaged and links to the world around us, children will become aware of the demands of a religious life. However whatever is taught in the classroom must be seen through the life of the catholic school, through charity work, kindness and forgiveness. Religious Education is not part of the national curriculum, however if working in a catholic school I think teaching Religious Eduction is bouncy and will develop children morally and spiritually, as the learn from and about religion.Catholic Education Service (1995) Spiritual and Moral development across the curriculum. Matthew James print Hoodless, P, Mccreery, E, Bowen, B and Berminghem (2007) Teaching humanities in primary schools. S Learning matters ltd The Bishops Conference of England and Wales (1996), Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools, London, Catholic Education Service. Grace,R and OKeefe, SJ (2007) International Handbook of catholic Education. Springer

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Abortion favoring Pro Choice Essay

Abortion is one of the most controversial and voluptuous issues debated, and is an issue that  leave alone never be agreed upon, just qualifying round and round in circles. By bringing morals, which be derived from let(prenominal) conscience, into the question of whether the disposal should abortions, this matter has been professional personmoted to a higher level of argument. It is no longer viewed as a decision made from resource b arely as a question of principals, and these concepts nourish led to a full-blown argument concerning matters that re bothy should not be questioned.Every charr in the world should pretend the full to decide how to carry their beings. No government should feel that they have the right to dictate to a person what road their lives should take. Those claiming pro-life are really no more than anti-choice. These pro-lifers crave to position the future of women into the hands of the government. Abortion, and any medical decisions women mak e, are very occult and should never be available for debate. The question of morality cant be a valid argument concerning abortion, because it is not of morality however of option and constitutionality.See more Satirical essay about drugsThe roll in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or vilify others retained by the people, is stated in the ninth amendment. Right here, guarantees all women the right to abort a pregnancy. Pro-choice people plea that abortion is the murder of a shaver, but most do not see the fetus a child.A common assumption is that people who are pro-choice are actually pro-abortion. Many people that support womens rights could be personally against abortions. That does not mean that they allow the government to line equitys directing what women do with their bodies. Those who are pro-choice simply believe that it is the right of a woman to assess her situation and decide if a bungle will benefit or be devastating to her liv e.People that are opposed to abortion dont take a numerous things into consideration. For one, consider how the life of a teenager may be sunk if an abortion is not available. Another thing not assessed is the severe family harm that will result if a fumble is forced, by law to be born. Those opposing abortion are unwavering with their ideas and believe that they have a solution to every situation. Pregnant? Try adoption They will religious service you support the baby. What ever the womens situation may be, the conservative will not bend.Many suggest adoption as a matter-of-fact alternative to abortion. But, in reality, this is not a decent substitute. The majority of heart and soul class white couples that are willing to adopt do not want to adopt the mixed race babies (which are the majority roam up for adoption). why else would there be a waiting add up for couples to be held in for a few years when there are so many other kinds of babies out there? Would those to c laim to have a heart and save a life like these outcast children grow up as wards of the state, living a life of woe and misfortune?To all of those fighting for laws that will make abortion against the law do you really think that the law will stop a woman from carrying out with the abort of an unwelcome pregnancy? Drugs are sinful and there plenty of people out there still using. The barely thing a law against abortions will achieve will be forcing pregnant women to seek medical attention in unsafe situations, leaving them with not only in the termination of the pregnancy, but perhaps their own lives as puff up. For a prime example when abortion was prohibited in the 1940s, there were still cases of women seeking help elsewhere. The only alteration though, is that these women typically ended up dead because of hemorrhaging or infection. Bottom line, if a woman wants an abortion, illegal or legal, nothing will get in her way. Why would pro life people, who allegedly put so muc h logical implication in life, want to jeopardize the live of another person? simulatet get me wrong, if legal abortion is banned, some abortions may be prevented. A woman may not be able to ancestry an alley-way, black market abortion and would have to deliver. This will be rather unfortunate. Naturally, Mother would be depressed, and in all actuality not deliver the neat care, may drink, do drugs, or any other thing she coulddo to harm the life of the baby and herself. Post delivery, the mother could very well resent the baby, realizing that it has trashed her chance of ever carrying out her objectives in life. If these women mandated into maternity do happen to keep their child, there is a significant chance of child abuse and neglect.These surplus kids, raised by the state or snub parents, would then give birth to yet the next generation of unwanted children. Moreover, in some desperate and impulsive situations, new mothers may capture inconsolable, having the idea th at since they could not have an abortion they will kill their baby right after birth, thinkingthey would get outside(a) with it and continue on with there lives before the whole wrenched scene. After all of these scenarios are considered slightly by an open-minded person, abortion is the better of them.Many of those who are pro life argue that any of these situations are preferable to abortion. They ultimate goal, they think, is to have the child be alive. They claim that it is unfair and unjust for anyone to take that choice of life away from the fetus. Essentially, what they really want is to take the choice away from the mother and give it to the unborn child, giving them this wonderful prospect to be brought into a loveless, forlorn, and cold society.

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J Qubec

Should inculcate uniforms be abolished? Against A uniform is a distinguishing symbol of a civilize and gives a sensation of belonging to exclusively the learners who tear it * A uniform is a distinguishing mark of a work and gives a sense of belonging. * If dress is standardized, the wealthier students would suffer no scope to outdo the poorer unitarys. This pr reddents the development of inferior and resentful feelings among the slight fortunate. * Some students inappropriately give bold annotates and daring manner bordering on indecency. * Uniforms ar in pricey.They atomic number 18 usually chosen for their durability. * Students ar play off with uniforms. * I conjecture that school uniform shouldnt be banned in schools. * No, I dont think so. The reason for this is because if people wear opposite clo involvement ( identical or so wear designer brands and opposites dont), it may cause bullying and discrimination. Also, schools uniforms befriend make studen ts look equal which is good. Also, if you go on a school trip its easier to recognize which children belong to which school, so if they get lost individual can easily help them. * school uniforms must not be banned n the motion, should school uniforms be banned, i greatly protest on that. Thats a very big shame on their side. School uniforms must not be banned because uniform is one of the sign which the school prep atomic number 18d for their students to be categorized by other peoples. We all know, that their parents are hard working for them to educate their children in school that requires uniform. we also fuck off to think closely them. Another one is, when a students wear their uniforms, its a sign of formality, because these uniforms are clothes that represent their school and success. * NONo i dont think school uniforms should be banned because some(a) people can not make lots clothes and for students who engender to where a school uniform they are roaring that they d ont have i look for things to wear or worry about being beleaguer because they dont have any new clothes or anything. i think having a uniform is a good thing * If uniforms are forced upon students then why should the students have to pay off? exit along with this idea, think of all the impoverished families out there who are spending all their bills on giving their child a good education by sending them to private school, or a school that requires uniform.Do they really need their less fortunate children to be teased and bullies by the to a greater extent(prenominal) fortunate children in school for their tattered or worn attire that represents their parents economic status? Uniforms help to make all the student body equal, especially in this day and age when redden the youngest kids can be so spiteful and cold to their peers. * Parents Should Switch Schools If They Dont bid It Many private schools have uniform requirements and strict dress codes. If parents dont like thei r kids wearying uniforms, they can evidently switch schools.This is America with the freedom to choose. The kindred is true up for private schooling. No one has to attend one cross school over another. School uniforms shouldnt be banned whatsoever simply because its a free world. * Shouldnt be banned.. When I was in school, I forever and a day thought the idea of school uniforms was silly. Now that I am older, I feel like this concept is a good idea. In overt schools, there is such a wide variety of families from low income, to fondness class, to wealthy. Unfortunately, in todays society, so many pay attention to their appearance.I think kids whos parents cant afford the name brand clothes begin to feel bad and have lower self esteem. If everyone has to dress the same, they have nothing to compare themselves to. * No, I believe school uniforms should not be banned because they create comparability among students. I believe that school uniforms should be more widely apply a nd not banned because it creates comparability among children and takes away the status quo. By removing labels from clothing more than just the problem of in comparison is prevented. It also solves many instances of bullying, maternal stress, and childhood depression for starters.I believe all children deserve acceptance, and with school uniforms it gives them an advantage. wherefore take this advantage away? * For * The adolescent is denied the freedom of choice which is the function of every individual. * It denies the adolescent the opportunity to use discretion, form judgements and exercise responsibility. * It is a form of regimentation not in accordance with democratic ideals. * Uniforms can be restrictive in times of climatic variation. * uniforms are horrible and expensive. I think they should be because uniforms are horrible and expensive.Uniforms are horrible. They are bland. all day its the same thing. Schools could have allocated days for uniforms. For example, goi ng on an excursion, a check-up day or even a formal assembly. School uniforms usually cost a lot of money. A school jumper is belike one hundred dollars and the whole uniform is likely to be more than five hundred dollars. Children dont have to wear expensive clothes. If theyre getting teased by their friends because theyre not eroding designer clothes, they are not true friends and they can easily move away from the group.All my t-shirts are less than thirty dollars most of the time because I dont have a lot of money. I dont see anyone teasing me. * * They cause lack of expression in students. Do you express you through the way you dress? Most students do thats the except way some students can. Other students from other schools make fun of the school uniforms that some schools have. Witch causes trouble adjusting to being an adult. Witch affects a student or adult to stutter in day to day business * We all have a properly to wear random clothing. periodic clothing expresses s omeones fashion on how they can be.If you wear school uniform, you have to pay for it. It may cost about $20 or more then you may grow out of that coat and you have to pay for it again and again. What a waste of money when you could be spending that money for something in great need, dont you agree with me? So thats why I think wearing school uniforms should be banned. * * We all have a right to wear random clothing. We all have a right to wear random clothing. Casual clothing expresses someones fashion on how they can be. If you wear school uniform, you have to pay for it.It may cost about $20 or more then you may grow out of that size and you have to pay for it again and again. What a waste of money when you could be spending that money for something in great need, dont you agree with me? So thats why I think wearing school uniforms should be banned. * School Uniforms trust the Wrong Message While uniforms undeniable create some par among students, they also give pupils the il l-treat idea. Uniforms are teaching kids that whenever they face diversity, the resolving power is to simply make everyone the same.This is a problem, especially since some conflicts, like speed up or size, cannot be changed. School uniforms should be banned because they give students the wrong idea. * * School uniform should not be compulsory at semipublic schools Because people go to public schools to save money and uniforms and saving money it just puts you in dept for something you dont want to wear, which is a BIIIIIGGGG waste of money for something they dont eff wearing or look good in also some teachers dont like the uniform * * The belief that school uniforms give a sense of equality among students is only true to a certain extent.First, it only gives equality to students who are studying in the same school. Based on my personalised experience, there is no equality at all when students from many different schools are gathered in one place. When this happens, one could see a lot of differences. Some are wearing the uniform of an obscure school, some are wearing the uniform of an average school, while some others are wearing the uniform of an elect(ip) school. By looking at this alone, we do not need to be a neurosurgeon to see that equality is absent here. Biasness may even occur.People will certainly have discontinue impressions towards those from elite schools. If those students are gathered in the room when they are wearing their own clothes, there wont be any difference as cryptograph knows where each one of them is studying. Therefore, impressions wont be formed based on the color of their uniforms anymore. Some students who are not in elite schools may even feel down when wearing the uniform, while some students in elite schools wear their uniform so proudly that they even wear it on public holidays. I have seen people from elite schools who are wearing their uniform on a Sunday) Also, school uniform wont be so effective in bridging the g ap between the affluent students and the poorer students. There are other factors that have to be considered. For example, some students may bring expensive laptop computers to school to aid in their studies while some students are not even able to purchase a textbook. We could see the difference in them even though they are all wearing the same school uniform. *

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JSBMHA and HIPPA case study Essay

There argon many faults in this scenario that I read around with Jim and Betty. First of all, when you are dealing with good deal who are in a counseling or any type of curative setting, you nominate to be equal to(p) to handle this situation with seclusion and everlastingly try to treat your client with respect and never discuss them outdoors of the clinical setting.The HIPAA laws are to protect the patients rights so that they cannot be given undecomposed out to anybody. The only people that can have access to the medical files would be someone that is involved in the accusation of or needs to have access to them for anyone that is billing, or the insurance lodge that is paying for the services that the client is receiving.What areas of the JSBMHA did HIPAA compliance impact, When Jim and Betty were working for that company, they had unfortunately talked nearly specific clients and some relatives of the clients had heard the conversation and also their relatives names. They had immediately asleep(p) to the company and talked with their supervisor so he could deal with the employees that had broken the privacy laws. JSBMHA, is an certified agency that works with clients that have psychological, mental, and addictions for drugs. THE clients need to be able to feel safe, knowing that their conversations are not talked about elsewhere, unless it is related to their recovery.What Jim and Betty did at the cafeteria is inexcusable. You never know who is going to be listening in on your conversation when you are in a public place. If the wrong people hear what is being said, you never know what the ramifications could be. If a woman is at a domestic violence shelter and you are talking about what she went through with her ex-boyfriend , not knowing the whole time that the ex is in the booth right behind you. Right there you have only put that women in a dangerous position. Without calling you have just put that womans life in jeopardy.3I believe that b ecause of their actions that JSBMHA should suspend both of them for at LEAST two weeks without pay. I believe with that type of punishment, maybe both of them will really think about what they did and why it was inappropriate. Maybe they should even write a typography on how their actions were wrong and also be able to see how theyre gossiping put that woman in jeopardy. They need to really determine how their actions can affect other people.

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History of Architecture in Puerto Rico Essay

Puerto anti-racketeering law was first observed by Christopher Columbus in 1493. He named the distinguish San Juan Baustista and so unmatchabler or later the plenty c totall(a)yed it Boriquen Tierra del alto senor or the Land of the Noble Lord. Juan procurer de Leon became the clownishs first regulator . Upon his arrival, he constituted a colony in Caparra until such time that Caparra had to be moved to a nearby location with a sound environment.The name Caparra was changed to Puerto anti-racketeering law which mean Rich Port because its harbor is among the best in the world (Everyculture. com, n. d. . Antilles has a series of islands closely situated together with extends more than genius molar c occasionlyntration miles from Florida all the way to Venezuela or South America. There is the Greater Antilles and the lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico together with Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Haiti form part of the Greater Antilles. Puerto Rico is the smallest island in the ea sternmost part of Greater Antilles with a roughly extraneous shape (Solboricua. com,1998). The element, design and computer architecture of a particular place is as much important as constantlyything else.It is architecture that gives meaning to the place. Good architecture is a reflection of a realms triumphs and adventures. Architecture at its best light makes the outline of the unpolished. Buildings, cathedrals and homes scream out the personality of the realm and the people . A simple architecture can turn a piece of art into a masterpiece but great architecture breathes life into whatsoeverthing thereby enabling it to achieve a harmonious immix with the society. It is evident in the countrys architecture that Puerto Rico has a substantial amount of Spanish influence during the course of time.The condensed, twisting pave can be similarly compargond with Andalusia of Spain. San Juan, otherwise known as La Ciudad Amurallada which is the capital urban center was founded i n 1521. San Juan has a classic example of Spanish architecture, it is home to carbons of reminiscent historical events. It has more than 4 hundred venerable age of history stored inside a military threshold. The landmarks of the San Felipe del Morro are considered as one of Puerto Ricos most prized treasures. After the commonwealth renovation, San Juan was turned into one of the most amazing tourist spot in the world.The city was strengthened using Spanish plans which was organized to make intersecting and perpendicular streets and plazas all over the city. Spanish architecture was brought back in the country during the American occupation. The families belonging to the elites built fortresses and castles that resemble Art Deco mental synthesiss (Everyculture. com, n. d. ). Puerto Rico has been the home of sixteenth and 19th century architecture. This country has been the home of classical, contemporary and medieval architecture. knightly architecture can be seen as well in the San Juan church building which was built in the 16th century.The El Morro Fortress is considered an international site. This is a six-level fortress that was built in 1540 and was finished in 1589. The name San Felipe del Morro was adopted in honor of King Phillip II. This building is filled with dungeons and tunnels. It is now chthonic the administration of the National Park Service. Along side the El Morro is the San Cristobal Fort. This antiquated structure provided one of the largest defensive structure in the history of America. Like the El Morro, it also contains mazes and tunnels which are built to hold out on its own if ever the others would fall.Another architectural wonder in Puerto Rico was the Plaza del Mercado which was an old market that had been revived and turned into a piece of tourist spot. The regime allocated a substantial amount of their budget in order to have-to doe with their heritage (The Puerto Rico Channel, 2009). The part of Old San Juan is the home of breathtaking tourist attractions. Every year, more and more people go to Puerto Rico earlier than any place in the Caribbean. This is the perfect place to see if people want to get a picture of the Old World. There are several plazas such as the Plaza de San Jose.In the center of it stands the statue of ponce de Leon make entirely of bronze. Plaza del Quinto Centenario has Christopher Columbus statue about forty feet make in ceramic and granite which can be interpreted to mean as a symbolism of American roots. It was the work of one of the countrys top artist, Jaime Suarez. Another interesting site would be the Plaza de Armas which has quadruple statues each over a hundred years old, symbolizing the four seasons. Plaza de Colon otherwise known as Columbus determine contains tablets made in bronze in order to remember the real aspects of his life.The Plaza de la Rogativas main attraction was the sculpture of the boost of a pious lady. This piece of art signifies an im portant event which happened in that same place in 1797. In that year, a British quite a little lead by Sir Ambercrombie sailed onto the coast of San Juan bay with the plan of attacking the city and taking control. The plan failed so they way outed in alternate plan of occlusion the port of the city in the hopes of starving the residents until they come into a station of surrender. The whole town grew desperate so the governor told the people to harbinger for divine assistance.In response, all the women in town gathered and make a procession carrying bells and torches. When the British heard the bell and saw all the lights, they thought that reinforcements came to the aid of the people so they left ( Puerto Rico, 2009). It is a marvellous thing that Puerto Rico imbibed the rich culture of Spain during its colonization but as good as it may be, the country also has its own utter(a) and uninfluenced Puerto Rican architecture. An example would be its very own Caribe Hotel. Its colors, structure and striking murals reflect its own rich culture and not Spains.The main feature of of this hotel is that it was once a part of the medieval fort that the Spanish explorers used (The Puerto Rico Channel, 2009). The beauty of this country is that it never runs out of sights that stand out during the course of time. A person can look each direction and see pieces of architecture lying all over the country such as fortresses, parks, churches and buildings. La Fortaleza was built as a defense against attacks of the Indians. This structure was the very first among the several military concentration camps that were constructed along side the San Juan Bay.The original structure underwent changes because of the passing of the time so in the late 1800s, this building was reconstructed. Puerto Rico also has its very own capital of Spain in the heart of San Juan city, it is called Alcadia. When it comes to churches, Puerto Rico has a handful. The San Juan Cathedral, the seco nd oldest cathedral in the west was built in 1521. The very first building was made of wood but it got destroyed by a hurricane two times, once in 1540 and again in 1598. The Cathedral standing today was the result of efforts to restore the structure that once was in order to preserve the its heritage.In the church lies the tomb of the countrys first ever governor Ponce de Leon. The San Jose Church was the first ever church and monastery of Saint doubting Thomas doubting Thomas which was constructed by the Dominicans in the remembrance of Saint Thomas de Aquinas and also to serve not only as a recourse but a sanctuary as well. Puerto Rico is a country blessed with museums. The Pablo Casals Museum is considered a Spanish legacy . It contains artifacts, memorabilia and library full of tapes of festivals and concerts. Casa de los Dones or the household of the Two Foyers is Puerto Ricos home of the Indians located at the streets of San Juan.It is full of archaeological exhibits. The Asilo de Beneficencia was built to help poor people. It was constructed during the 1800s . The place now offers exhibits everyday, it is called the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. Puerto Ricos White House called the Casa Blanca was the former residence of Governor Ponce de Leon and his childrens children for over two hundred years. After the military took over, they used it as home for the commanders. The White House today holds over several rooms each designed with a different period associated with the history of the house (Puerto Rico, 2009).Many art lovers and scholars securely believe that architecture greatly contributes to the pillar of success of any nation. Puerto Rico is a classic example that architecture gives life to the nation. Through a countrys architecture, its history can be fully apprehended. somebody once said that the present can never be silent without knowing the past. In the same way, the value of Puerto Ricos thickset and rich culture can never be ful ly appreciated without the beaming architectural structures of the fortresses, cathedrals and museums.These architectural pieces holds in time all that the country went through, from the time when the island was first discovered until the Spanish colonization and the modernization. Every memory that the country holds dear are steps away from each other. victorious a look and examining the historical landmarks all over Puerto Rico enables any person to take a trip down the countrys very own memory lane. The country itself is a living memorabilia of everything that went through its nation and this fact can be greatly attributed to its architecture.