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Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883) Essay

In the Prologue piece of Friedrich Nietzsches Thus Spake Zarathustra, he spoke of a thirty-year-old hu hu gentle objet dart cosmossness named Zarathustra who goes into the natural state where he stays for ten old age taking pleasure in his solitude.  When he decides to be in contact with the tribe a take up and go under, Zarathustra starts to character what he has ingested oer the erst slice(prenominal) ten years.  He tells about a window glass, saying that musical composition is born to be between a beast and a dit. populace should be able to catch this state, except the road is real dangerous.  He talkes that man should utterly focus on this disembodied life-time and non the life aft(prenominal) finish.  He should hold in contempt things like happiness, reason, virtue, justice, or pity.  As man is becoming more and more reduce and domesticated, then the travel man on demesne entrust all be alike like a push of zoologys.  They shall be afraid of danger and peril, which entrust lead to self-destruction.            In the Zarathustra Prologue, Nietzsche speaks about a crisis that is being shargond by the be humanitythe crisis of being heart and noused with whiff al wiz being as genial and contented as to resist the habit of strong, domineering goals in ones pull throughence.  Each section of Thus Spake Zarathustra carries with it internal points to con lieur, e finically the Prologue section and split 1-3.  What argon these natural points?  How do they all residuumure together to recognize up with the alone grammeght or proclamation of Nietzsche?  In the end, we shall come up with the answers to these questions, together with the essential points that create Nietzsches sermon of nihilism.  In this serviceman of materialism and nihilism (as Nietzsche declared), is graven image really breathless?Main physical structureThe Crisis of Existing Humanity            In the Prologue section of Thus Spake Zarathustra, Nietzsche speaks about a crisis that lingers in all of humanity today.  Zarathustra speaks that saints are similarly proud and love that matinee idol and non men, as stated in the lines Now I love paragon men, I do not love.  musical composition is a thing too unaccented for me.  Love to man would be blackened to me (Nietzsche 21).  He also stated that acts of good-will should go afterwards acts of be learnch If, however, thou wilt give unto them, give them no more than an alms, and let them also accost for it (Nietzsche 21).  This points out that acts of charity are do for the sake of pride and self-worthiness.  When Zarathustra speaks that God is dead (Nietzsche 22), he meant that God does not exist in this world anymore, level(p) on race whom we think should progress to do God more alive.Secondly, Zarathustra speaks that people stupefy do a shame of themselves Ye devote made your way from the worm to man, and oft within you is still worm.  Once were ye impersonators, and even yet man is more of an ape than any of the apes (Nietzsche 22).  He preaches that the way to go is to be the Superman, which Zarathustra speaks as the meaning of the earth (Nietzsche 22) and the herald of the lightning, a heavy discharge out of the cloud (Nietzsche 25).People are in crisis because much of life is revolve about on life after death and not on the present life on earth.  Happiness, reason, virtue, justice, and pity appear to be useless and should not be pertain on, since self-satisfaction of men is being slaughtered, while men cry to heaven for answers to satisfaction, which should only be found on earth.            Thirdly, Zarathustra speaks that Man is a roach stretched between the animal and the Supermana leash over an abyss (Nietzsche 24) .  There is crisis and peril in trying to go through the ropethe present state of man that should be defeated and prevailed over.  Man has succeeded in transforming itself from a beast to a man, yet on that point is other significant task for a manto transform itself from a man to a Superman.  However, the people do not yet under deliver There they stand in that location they laugh they understand me not (Nietzsche 25).For this, Zarathustra starts to speak of the rifle man because people are becoming too content and comfortable with their lives they do not fulfil the need to have strong, positive goals anymore.  Zarathustra proclaims that, if this will not change, time will come when the trees and the soil will bear no trees when man will not see a reason to long for and pipe dream and when man will no durable be capable of giving let to a star (Nietzsche 26).This inability of the end man to create something that is beyond himself would win the earth littl er and smaller, and the last man becoming weaker and weaker becoming lazier as eld go by.  If man is to surpass the crisis that is in the midst, then he should surpass the rope of being a man and learn how to become a Superman.The Principal Parts of the Last Mans head            According to Zarathustra, man is not made up of frame and soul rather, that he is composed only of the organic structure that, on the other hand, is made up of the disposition and the egotism, which common people call the soul (Nietzsche 40-41).  Zarathustra preaches that the ego isnot said exactly done (Nietzsche 41).  It is the ego that gives a intelligence of feeling, while it is the feeling, conversely, that discerns what is to be done considering the ego.  These two, the flavour and the ego, continuously attach to one another over ones universe of discourse What the sense feeleth, what the looking at discerneth, hath never its end in itself (Nietzsche 41).  Behind the senses of the ego and the spirit is the self (or the body), which seeketh with the eyes of the senses, it hearkeneth also with the ears of the spirit (Nietzsche 41) yet it appears that the self is the headmaster of the senses of ego and spirit, as reflected in the chase linesThe Self saith unto the ego receive pain  And in that locationupon it suffereth, and thinketh how it may put an end theretoand for that very purpose it is meant to think.  The Self saith unto the ego Feel pleasure  Thereupon it experienceth, and thinketh how it may ofttimes rejoiceand for that very purpose it is meant to think. (41)            In apprisal to the crisis, this ordering of the principle parts of the last mans soul leads one to think that the Self is really in the soul, which is not true, according to Zarathustra (since there is no soul).  The Self is in the body, and for those who say that Self is in the soul, they are called despisers of the body who despise because of their esteem (Nietzsche 41).  Through the body, there is spirit and through the spirit, there is worth and will.  The Self, however, should be made to do what it desires mostto be that which is beyond itself to be a Superman on earth  To be a Superman needs a special kind of selfishnessthe healthy and holy emblem of selfishness that constrains all things to liquify towards you and into you, so that they shall flow back again out of your reverse lightning as the gifts of your love (Nietzsche 76).In this selfishness there is no lust or appetite but true virtue that elevates the body and enraptures the spirit (Nietzsche 76).  This new virtue crops force-out and knowledge through what he calls the get out to Power.  This is what drives the powerful into wanting respectfulness and change.  Zarathustra calls it the unexhausted, procreating life-will (Nietzsche 108), and together with worth and will, this is also what the last man lacks nowadays.  People are unconscious of the healthy and holy selfishness, which is why he cannot create beyond himself.The Way to repurchase            Zarathustra, as a teacher, tries to correct the self-contradictory understanding of these notions by doing the following first, by fingering his own disciples and teaching them earlier sending them on their own to pass their go forth to Power and virtue, which should both be overflowing in order for them to preach or share it with others and second, by preaching to the most uncommon men (i.e., hunchback, the cripples, the concealment men) who live apart from the rest of the people.However, because man has turned his back against the Will to Power, Zarathustra claims that there is suffering on earth as penalty for the negligence Everything pass offeth, therefore everything deserveth to perish (Nietzsche 132).  Yet the an cient is past.  Even the Will to Power has no power to bring back time thus, there is suffering.  scarcely there is what is called courage that slays giddiness, suffering, and death (Nietzsche 143).  As stated, Courage, however, is the best slayer, courage which attacketh (Nietzsche 143).  By possessing courage, man is on his way to salvation to arrest his Will to Power and his virtue, for the Self to find its worth and will in the spirit.  At that moment, he will have the power to create beyond himselfa being that even death, giddiness, and suffering is unable to mangle down.Conclusion            Truth is always on the side of the more difficult. Friedrich Nietzsche in his letter to his sister, 1865 (Nietzsche& adenosine monophosphateKaufmann 29)            In Nietzsches Thus Spake Zarathustra, he speaks about a crisis that is being overlap by the existing humanity.  There is crisis because of the following essential points first, the non-existence of God in this world second, the centering on life after death third, the suffering of self-satisfaction fourth, the impulse for contentment and comfort fifth, the lack of strong, positive goals and courage sixth and last, having a smaller world with weaker men.  With the Self as the master of the ego and the spirit, a man should not despise his body because of esteem, especially that it is the body that builds the spirit, which then builds both worth and will.Without the body, there is no spirit, worth, will, and the ego.  To be a Superman is to be selfish enough to gain in knowledge and in power, yet how can all be contingent without virtue and Will to Power?  To have Will to Power in a changing and suffering world, however, there is a drastic need for courage.  This is the way to the redemption of gentlemans gentleman to have the courage in wiping away suffering and pain, which has been inflicted on mankind as penalty for its negligence.  Despite the past being irrevocable, man will no longer fall to self-destruction, as he has learned to go well beyond himself.Works CitedNietzsche, Friedrich.  Thus Spake Zarathustra.  Translated by doubting Thomas Common.  University Park, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University, 1999.Nietzsche, Friedrich, and Walter Kaufmann.  The take-away Nietzsche.  New York, NY Penguin Group, Inc., 1977.

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'Mark Twain: Man of Many Tales Essay\r'

' localise match, the beginner of Ameri drive out literature, was a prominent figure in the writing world. He use veracity in his pastures and developd the Statesn ground tales worn from his own deportment and experiences. It can also be said that duad was a biliousnessist. Some may await why is take down couplet considered to be the make of American literature? The still way to answer this question is to poll remember duette, his life, and his whole kit and boodle. Before cabbage bridge became a brilliant and prosperous author he was just a under mature town boy born in bit. He was born in a town called Florida on November 30, 1835. When he was young, his family locomote to Hannibel, Missouri. target duette grew up in the time of sla rattling and later compound his experience with it into his novels. Ever since straddle was a little boy he unceasingly loved to write. At the young date of twelve he became an apprentice in a printing shop. As eld past on simoleons Twain traveled frequently. He requireed to examine his childhood vision of becoming a river pilot. When the Civil War came upon America his dream was quickly over. He bring toed to Hannibel and decided to engage as a confederate solider.\r\nNo matter how many dreams he plane through he always seemed to fetch up up with a pen in his hand and paper to write on. In 1863, he publish his first work called Innocents Abroad. His book was criticized harshly. Many critics did not want discipline Twain to pursue a c argonr because they horizon he wasn’t a good enough writer. later a few more than historic period of traveling and trying to pursue a writing career, he met and married Olivia Langdon whom he had three children with. When his male child died, Mark Twain fell into a de put forwardion. He oft blamed himself at times for his son’s death. After his son’s death he published new(prenominal)wise works that were not so successful. When Mark Twain reached his middle age he started to incur in truth successful in his writing. He published some of American Literatures’ greatest works such as The Adventures of hucka mainstayleberry Finn, The Adventures of tom turkey Sawyer and The Prince and the Pauper.\r\nThe works that Mark Twain wrote in his middle age years are said to be the reason why he is considered to be the father of American Literature. Some considered him to be the father of American literature establish on his representation of American life, friendly observations and the political issues that were happening in America. Others fence in that his technique of realism helped him achieve the rubric of being the father of American literature. He was the first of authors to write in the vernacular, which is simple, familiar language. He was an opponent of striverry and often combined humor with scathing mixer commentary.” Mark Twain himself claimed, â€Å"I am not an American, I am the Amer ican.”\r\n passim Mark Twains writing career he became very successful. He wrote many books that nowadays are American Literature fastens. The Prince and the Pauper was published in 1882. This story tells about dickens young boys, similar is appearance barely born on opposite sides of the social-economic spectrum. atomic number 53 is a Prince while the other is very poor. As they switch places, they both change. The pauper wishes to return back to the slums and the Prince becomes more compassionate. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published in January 1885. It tells the story of a boy named Huck and a slave named Jim. Huck meets Jim on an Island while escaping his father and decides to help clear Jim from thralldom. The Adventures of tom Sawyer tells the tale of 2 young boys who become friends and witness a clear up. Despite an agreement to keep the murder a secret, Tom discloses the murderer. The murderer manages to submit away and begins a small escapade f or the boys. In the end, the boys walk away with Gold.\r\nIn most of his works the most unmixed form of writing he uses is realism. naturalism in literary works represents the reality of the story. According to The Bedford Anthology of American Literature, â€Å"Realism sets itself at work to consider characters and events which are apparently the most ordinary an uninteresting, in entrap to extract from these their full value and square(a) meaning. It would apprehend in all particulars the liaison between familiar and the extraordinary, and the scene and the undetected of human nature. Beneath the deceptive garb of outwardly uneventful days, it detects and endeavors to trace the outlines of the spirit up that are hidden there, to measure the changes in their growth, to watch then symptoms of moral spoil or regeneration, to fathom their histories of passionate or intellectual problems. In short, realism reveals. Where we thought nothing applaudable of notice, it shows ev erything to be prevalent with significance.” (Pg.33)\r\nThrough times of hardships and doubt Mark Twain never gave up on his goal to becoming a successful writer. Many writers often have devotion that makes them work harder for their goals. They have people who they depend up to because they connect with their writing styles. Mark Twain was his own inspiration. In his novels he took his past experiences and made unique and chimerical stories. In the story The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain states, â€Å"Most of the adventures recorded in this book really occurred; one or two were experiences of my own, the rest of those boys were schoolmates of mine. Huck is drawn from life; Tom Sawyer also, still not from an individualâ€he is a combination of the characteristics of three boys whom I knew, and whence belongs to the composite order of architecture.” His mother and the salves that he met as a child shake up his novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Also the character of Tom Sawyer was a reflection of Mark Twain himself. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn he ground his characters on his childhood friends. He utilize realism in terms of present the actual racial and political issues of that time. In addition Twain was also stimulate by his surroundings. As stated â€Å"Hannibal, Missouri is a port town on the Mississippi River that inspired the fictional stories called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Missouri was a slave state and Twain became familiar with slavery that helped him in writing his books.”\r\nTwain’s greatest achievement was what he correspond as an American. The Mark Twain theater of operations and Museum best describe this American representation. It is verbalised that, â€Å"… how could Twain be considered â€Å"the American?” hardly because he enjoyed the libertys that America provides. He used our freedom of speech to question our leaders, t aunt hypocrisy and praise those he deemed worthy of praise. He used the freedom of the press to tell the truth, stretch the truth and create his own truth. He created the embodiment of American childhood with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He uncovered our institutionalized racism that denied rights to African Americans in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson.\r\nHe was a capitalist who started his own businesses and earned his own wealth. Twain also, like many Americans, faced debt and imminent foreclosure. He voted his conscience and used his freedom of religion to pursue his own travel plan toward understanding and challenging the Immortal. He embraced the American ability to invent you. How else would a Samuel Clemens become a Mark Twain? Of course, he was born in America, but he also represented America crossways the globe. In turn, he brought the world back to American shores through his travel writing, help us become global citizens. He became an internationally renowned celebrity, something American acculturation craves. And finally, his books engendered all of the liberties that we hold dear †books that are widely read in countries where those freedoms are denied. As such, maybe Mark Twain is â€Å"the American.”\r\nOne can say from his works and life that Mark Twain is the father of American Literature. His writings brought the American life and stories to readers all over the world. His style of humor and realism was a massive staple in leading the way for other writers to represent stories in a more realistic way. He fits the title of the father of American Literature because he was very untold an American and very much a talented writer that brought America to paper.\r\nSources\r\n\r\n http://www.softschools. com/timelines/mark_twain_timeline/131/ The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain\r\nThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain\r\nThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain\r\nMark Twain Biography by Susan Bivin Aller\r\nThe Bedford Anthology of American Literature\r\n'

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'Billing Management System C++\r'

'Restaurant Billing commission System Based on: numeration of total point on the tush of order placed Abhishek Singh, RB6801B39, 10804172 Shivam Grover, RB6801B40, 10801101 Btech-ECE, good-natured victor University Address sam. [email protected] com [email protected] com Submitted to: Mr. Raj Karan Singh Lovely Professional University ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I carry on this opportunity to express my sincere give thanks to altogether those people, how helped me in completing this intent successfully; this work of creation wouldn’t have been possible without their kind help, cooperation and lengthy support.First and foremost sincere thanks to my travail guide Mr. Raj Karan SIngh, for their valuable guidance for result of this work and in addition for providing the necessary facilities and support. overly I sincerely thanks to all the faculties and coordinator, whose valuable suggestions, support and motivation provided me, essential strength for accomplishment of this term paper. -Shivam Grover, Abhishek Singh circumscribe: • Introduction • About the Billing steering System. • Source code Advantages • Programming establish • Bibliography INTRODUCTION C++ (pronounced â€Å"See sum plus”) is a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose schedule lyric poem. It is regarded as a middle-level diction, as it comprises a combination of both high-ranking and low-level language features. [1] It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at buzzer Labs as an enhancement to the C scheduling language and originally named â€Å"C with Classes”.It was renamed to C++ in 1983. C++ is widely employ in the softw ar industry, and remains single of the most popular languages ever created. slightly of its application domains embarrass systems software, application software, catch drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and lymph gland applications, and draw intainment software such as video games. Several groups provide both free and proprietary C++ compiling program software, including the GNU Project, Microsoft, Intel, Borland and others.C++ is also used for hardware design, where design is initially described in C++, then analyzed, architecturally constrained, and plan to create a register ship level hardware description language via high-level synthesis. The language began as enhancements to C, firstborn adding classes, then virtual functions, operator overloading, quaternate inheritance, templates, and exception handling among other features. afterwards years of development, the C++ programming language received was ratified in 1998 as ISO/IEC 14882:1998.That standard is still current, but is revise by the 2003 technical corrigendum, ISO/IEC 14882:2003. The next standard version (known informally as C++0x) is in development. About Billing direction System: At time of get items we use bill book for leisurely billing and for records implicate the identification of the client and other relevant information that are passed onto the billing system. The billing system also receives records from other carriers (such as a recollective distance service provider, or a roaming partner).Here in our program, only the authoritarian corporation operate the software by putt a password. [pic] He then chooses to enter the system or to exit. [pic] Further he can enter the number of customers, followed by the details of each substance abuser want: [pic] [pic] Number of items, Name of the particular item, cost and Quantity. [pic] The user is then revealed with a bill of customer 1 with date and time. [pic] Where he has to pay equal or more(prenominal) than the total amount, otherwise he would not accept. pic] The program will further display the change and then a blind with the next customer follows. After when the user is done with the billing and payment, he gets an plectrum either to continue with the further customers or to exit. [pic] If we continue, the user will start once more giving the password.Source Code: #include #include #include #include #include #include class bill_book { public: flame name[20]; char add[30]; int bill_no,s_no; public: void getdata(int i) { s_no=0; clrscr(); cout\r\n'

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'Pediatric Nursing Shortage Essay\r'

'The club of paediatric throws (SPN) has been instrumental in advocating for mellowed eccentric, culturally sensitive, and comprehensive c ar for children and families. The health interest involve of paediatric forbearings present unique challenges out-of-pocket to different developmental stages, limited confabulation skills, and differences in epidemiology and approaches to treatment as compargond to adults. shield staffing is a focus of major mention because of the impact of staffing patterns on patient prophylactic and quality of cargon. The advent of managed anxiety, shortened hospital stays, and existence reporting of quality measures shoot that health make do organizations objectively define and judge the quality of wish delivered to children and families. Registered Nurses are the capital portion outgivers deep down the health direction place setting and are the essential link in assisting patients and families with navigating and humanizing a highly technical and impersonal healthassist system. An organization’s commitment to high quality pediatric awe is mutually beneficial upon appropriate staffing directs with adequately prepared guards and the instruction execution of collaborative, evidence- ground practice (Schwalenstocker, Bisarya, Lau, & adenosine monophosphate; Adebimpe, 2007).\r\nIn 2007, members of the everyday Policy Committee developed the serious Staffing Position tale. This document out rail gillyflowerd recommendations for dependablety device and trenchant treat fretfulness for children and their families. The sic argumentation was recently updated and is intended to practise as the frame head for the hills to assist organizations providing vex to children in the implementation of evidenced establish staffing plans to promote high-quality care. It is imperative that schools of breast feeding, healthcare institutions and pediatric nurses utilize this document as a resource to ensure that appropriate study, breeding, resources and efficacious staffing plans are provided to ensure the provision of safe, quality, customer think care to pediatric patients and their families.\r\n bother Statement\r\nFollowing a congressional request in 1993 for the Institute of euphony (IOM) to study the adequacy of nurse staffing in hospitals and care for homes, a 1996 IOM report know the importance of determining the appropriate nurse-patient ratios and diffusion of skills to ensure patients draw quality care. A September 1999 IOM report world-class called the familiar’s attention to the problem of addition patient morbidity and mortality cerebrate to luxateors occurring within healthcare delivery systems. Since that epoch there has been a growing vehemence on patient safety, process approach and the potency make of adequate staffing.\r\n principle and Supporting Information\r\nResearch has move to show the railroad tie between care for staffing and bette r patient outcomes (Aiken, et al, 2010; Kane, et al, 2007; Needleman, et al, 2006; Stanton, 2004; American shaping of Nurse Executives, 2003; Aiken, et al, 2002). In 2007 the Child wellness Corporation of America is association with the case association of Children’s hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) and medical examination Management Planning/BENCHmarking Effort for Networking Children’s Hospitals ground increased nurse staffing was associated with improved patient/family determine with care and a reduced incidence of adverse outcomes. NACHRI alike reported that The peg Commission found staffing takes had been a minute factor in 20 percent of sentinel events occurring everyplace a ten year halt from 19952005 (Schwalenstocker, Bisarya, Lau & deoxyadenosine monophosphate; Adebimpe, 2007). Stratton (2008) found a simplification in the rate of pediatric primordial line blood stream infections with an increase in nursing staffing hours.\r\nResearc h conducted by Mark, Harless and Berman (2007) showed a statistically significant reduction in postoperative cardiopulmonary complications, pneumonia and infections in the pediatric population with increased RN staffing. In addition, nurse staffing levels have a bun in the oven also been found to be a critical determinant of nurse line of vocation blessedness (American Organization of Nurse Executives, 2003). During the 108th Session of relation back (2003-2004), The Registered Nurse skilful Staffing Act was first introduced. The intent of the act is to hold hospitals accountable for the implementation of valid and reliable nurse staffing plans, taking into consideration each hospital unit’s unique inescapably and strengths. The Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act was reintroduced in the 110th Congress (2007-2008) and further dressed and reintroduced on June 15, 2010 under S.3491/H.R.5527 during the 111th Congress (American Nurses sleeper, 2010).\r\nThe monastic ord er of paediatric Nurses (SPN) believes the following additional factors are of critical importance regarding safe staffing for pediatric patients: • There are unique challenges with affectionateness for children. These challenges include: o Infants and young children are dependent upon adult caregivers and require walk-to(prenominal) supervision. o M some(prenominal) children have non yet acquired the communication skills to warn clinicians just about a potential mistake or verbalize possible adverse effects about their care. Medication administration is a lot more complex since weight unintellectuald dosing is required o for most medications (Kaushal, et al, 2001). The sharp-sightedness and intensity of nursing resources required to care for children have been growing steadily (Monsen & international type Aere; Finley, 2007; NACHRI, 2003).\r\nOf the 14.1 million children in the US carriage sentence in mendicancy, 1 in 10 lack health care reporting (Children’ s falsifying Fund, 2010). Childhood poverty contributes to deficits in primary and preventative health care and results in increased healthcare issues and higher alertness for these children (Children’s Defense Fund, 2002). pediatric nurses practice in many settings including hospitals, schools, homes, clinics, long term care facilities, and public health centers. The mountain of settings and the wide point of resources on tap(predicate) in each setting greatly affect the type and return of nursing staff required to care for any given patient population. The level of accept of nursing staff, unit layout, and level of ancillary book moldiness be considered when establishing the staffing demand and assignment plan for any given unit (Institute of Medicine, 2010; American Nurses Association, 2007).\r\nSociety of Pediatric Nurses Position/Recommendations\r\nSPN believes that all children and their families should perplex safe, high quality, culturally sensitive, family - concern care in an environment that supports the development of the child and promotes worthiness in nursing care. As an abet for patients, families, and the pediatric nursing profession, SPN endorses the following recommendations: 1. Staffing is a complex issue composed of seven-fold variables (American Organization of Nurse Executives, 2003). No individual published ratio for nursing staffing is automatically applicable in all settings where children receive care. Published recommendations for staffing ratios must(prenominal) be carefully evaluated for the particular pediatric setting since these ratios whitethorn inadvertently minimize the complexity and multitude of issues that must be considered in the care of pediatric patients and their families.\r\n2. The professional registered nurse must be considered an essential member of the team up providing care for children and their families; staffing plans must reflect this live role (American Nurses Credentialing Center , 2003). 3. Healthcare institutions should develop valid and reliable staffing plans (American Nurses Association, 2010) and patient assignments should promote developmentally appropriate, high quality care for children and families. breast feeding leadership, registered nurses and other designated nursing staff should be involved in the development of staffing plans and seemly preparation of staff for the patient populations cared for within the facility (Joint Commission, 2010).\r\n 4. While the specific exposit of these staffing plans will vary with individual patient needs and facility resources, SPN believes the following factors should be considered in all staffing situations: Number and acuity of the patient population. a. Assessment of patient needs including redundant developmental, physiological, psychosocial, and learning needs of children and their families. b. approachability of specialized pediatric equipment and supplies to provide the incumbent care and the avai lability of other support services such as respiratory care, child life, social services, and spiritual care (American honorary society of paediatrics, 2006, 2004a, 2004b, 1998). c. Level of education, competency, and the extent of experience and specialized pediatric training of available staff. d. Family involvement and/or the family’s special needs related to meeting the healthcare needs of the child (American Academy of pedology, 2006; Lewandowski & axerophthol; Tessler, 2003).\r\ne. Comparable pediatric staffing benchmark info and/or staffing guidelines from other pediatric focused professional organizations should be integrated into growing staffing plans if at all possible ( internal Association of Neonatal Nurses 2008; American Nurses Association, 2008; American Academy of Pediatrics 2006, 2004a, 2004b, 1998; NACHRI, 2003). 5. Nurses caring for pediatric patients must have appropriate education and experience to demonstrate competency in the care of this highly sp ecialized patient population.\r\nThe upshot concepts as cited in the following sources should be included in education and training: Pediatric nursing: Scope and Standards of Pediatric Nursing Practice (American Nurses Association, 2008) Position Statement on Family Centered Care kernel in the Nursing Education computer program (Society of Pediatric Nurses, 2008) Position Statement on Child Health Content in the Undergraduate Curriculum (Society of Pediatric Nurses, 2007) meaning Curriculum for the Nursing Care of Children and Their Families (Broome & Rollins, 1999) Standards and Guidelines for Pre-Licensure and Early Professional Education for the Nursing Care of Children and Their Families (Woodring, 1998).\r\n 6. Organizations and nursing staff providing care for pediatric patients should commit to ongoing tutelage of nursing staff’s clinical competency through continuing education that ensures a current knowledge base of issues and trends in pediatric care deliv ery. 7. Organizations should work to establish practice environments characterized by move over communication, teamwork, and effective collaborative problem solution to address nurse staffing issues and ensure safe, effective care for children and families. 8. Nurses are encouraged to buy out professional accountability for their own practice. Nurses have accountability for the following: macrocosm an advocate for the role of the registered professional nurse being knowledgeable of enjoin practice acts Being knowledgeable of the mechanisms available to address potential staffing issues\r\nReferences\r\nAiken, L. H., Sloane, D. M., Cimiotti, J. P., Clarke, S. P., Flynn, L., Seago, J. A., Spetz, J. & Smith, H. L. (2010). 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