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Muscular System Essay

The human muscular system is made up of over 600 connecting muscles. All of the muscles work together in sync to make your body move in several different ways. None of the body systems can work without muscles and your muscles can’t work without your other body systems so that means that all of your body systems need each other to work and make your body function correctly. Your muscles need protein, nutrients, and oxygen to move and work. Then the circulatory system carries those essential particles to your muscles from the digestive and respiratory systems. That is when your circulatory system carries the leftover waste back to the original systems to be discharged from your body. Your nervous system runs the whole show by telling your different systems to make this whole process happen Muscles Your muscles are made up of body tissue which consists of very very small fibers which make up your muscles and you also have ligaments which help your muscles move in the right way. Each of your muscles are responsible for their own special job. All of your muscles contract to provide motion when the brain sends a signal through the nervous system which are stimulants. These stimulants tell your muscles to move your arms, legs and other muscles move your eyelids and they all work in sync to make you walk and talk. There are some muscles in which you have no control over like the muscles in your internal organs like your heart, stomach, and other organs in all of your body systems. There are three different types of muscular tissues. There are the Smooth, the Skeletal, and the Cardiac muscular tissues. Smooth muscles are made of spindle-shaped cells. Smooth muscles are found in the skin, internal organs, reproductive system, major blood vessels, and excretory system. Skeletal muscles are composed of long fibers surrounded by a membranous sheath, the  sarcolemma. Since the Skeletal muscles are under control by whom ever they belong to are called voluntary muscles. This muscle is attached to two or more bones which are then attached to the skeleton by tendons. For example, head and neck muscles; contraction of these muscles produces facial expressions and head movements. They are also responsible for speech and swallowing. Skeletal muscles are the main muscles which move your body. Muscles nearly always work in coordinated groups; contraction of one muscle is accompanied by relaxation of another, while other muscles stabilize nearby joints. Then the last of the muscle types is the Cardiac Muscle or the involuntary muscles. Cardiac muscles are not under conscious control they do not react by a persons decision or movement. and are connected to the nervous system which are stimulated by autonomic impulses. Cardiac muscles are found in your internal organs like the heart or the intestine. For example; they include muscles that propel food through the intestine and those that control sweating and blood pressure. Muscles that are properly exercised react to stimuli quickly and powerfully. As a result of excessive use muscles may have an abnormal increase of an organ or tissue in the muscle cells. That is why if you work out at the gym your muscles become larger, but if you overwork your muscles they decrease sometimes to a fraction of its original size and becomes substantially weaker

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The Biogas Production Worldwide Environmental Sciences Essay

Energy is a necessary accompaniment of human being. Basically, there exist assorted beginnings of energy like coal and other crude oil merchandises that are commercially exploited for many utile grounds. These fossil fuels have become a strong pillar of the economic system and it has penetrated so deep in the mechanism of human life that it has become about impossible to believe of a universe running without fossil fuel. Yet it is a fact that this beginning of energy will non last everlastingly. Once, fossil fuels were available copiously and at low monetary values. However, nowadays its monetary value is high rocketing on the international market and it is besides going really scarce. The immediate consequence of this is that the universe is confronting the phenomena of rising prices and lifting monetary values. Furthermore, today there is an energy crisis that has arisen due to the fright that the blessings of fossil fuel may turn into a curse with its disappearing. In add-on, the combustion of fossil fuels releases C dioxide and other toxic gases in the ambiance and a direct effect of this is planetary heating.1.1 BackgroundEnergy and energy resources can be known to be the anchor for endurance on Earth. Peoples are to a great extent dependent on assorted energy beginnings like coal or fossil fuels so as to run into up with their day-to-day needs whether it is in the power sector, the transit sector or for cookery and warming intents and about 88 % of this demand is met by fossil fuels ( Peter Weiland, 2009 ) . It is predicted that the usage of dodo dodos will come near to exceling oil ingestion by 2017 ( IEA, 2012 ) . On the other manus, nursery gases ( GHGs ) emanations in the environment are besides increasing quickly, with C dioxide being the highest subscriber. Another planetary energy challenge is the depletion of fossil fuels. Due to the increasing demand, the handiness of the fuel is diminishing. In add-on, conventional oil and gas militias are large ly found in politically unstable states, doing its easiness of usage less accessible. In this context, biogas can be derived from wastes, carnal manure or energy harvests so as to run into with the increasing energy demand in the hereafter. Biogas can be defined as a versatile renewable energy beginning which can replace fossil fuels in the power and heat production sector and in the transit sector. It has the capacity to replace natural gas besides for bring forthing chemicals and liquefied crude oil gas for cooking intents. Table.1: comparing of heat values and efficiency of normally used fuels with biogas ( Nabard, 2007 ) Normally used fuels Calorific values in kg Calories Thermal efficiency Biogas 4713/M3 60 % Firewood 2093/kg 11 % Diesel 10550/kg 66 % Kerosene 10850/kg 50 % Gasoline 11100/kg–Biogas production through anaerobiotic digestion ( AD ) procedure has many advantages over other bioenergy signifiers. It is one of the most energy- efficient and environmentally friendly bioenergy engineerings. It non merely reduces the emanation of nursery gases drastically compared to fossil fuels, but it besides produces high class fertiliser as by- merchandise.1.1.1 Biogas production worldwideIn the field of biogas, Germany has built itself a universe top taking place. In 2006, it built 826 biogas systems to a sum increased production unit of 3700, hence doing Germany the figure one biogas- based energy manufacturer ( Energy solutions, 2012 ) . Figure.1: assorted substrates available in Germany holding the possible energy accumulated for biogas production ( Baltic Biogas Bus Project, 2012 ) The worldaa‚Â ¬a„?s biogas market is predicted to make $ 8.98 billion by the twelvemonth 2017, with the desire to cut down dependence on fossil fuels and to concentrate on eco- friendliness biogas plans ( GIA, 2012 ) . Latin America is besides good known for its biogas engineering in municipal natural sewerage intervention and landfill gas engineering. It has identified 25 types of wastes for biogas production. The state has 33 R & A ; D undertakings and since 1977, five undertakings have already been implemented to bring forth biogas from healthful landfills. Latin America produces about 217 million M3 per twelvemonth which is largely used for cookery, illuming, vehicle fuel and town gas. ( H.Naveau, 1993 ) Furthermore, the biogas market has grown quickly in the recent old ages for the cogeneration of heat and power and for the production of bio- methane to be used as vehicle fuel. In the European Union ( EU ) , 17 % of all the energy will hold to be produced from renewable beginnings, and in the conveyance sector it has to make 10 % of the entire harmonizing to the European Directive 2009/28/EC, therefore doing biogas the feasible solution to make this mark. The grounds for holding a spread out on the biogas energy market includes an addition in demand for distributed coevals, terrible environmental regulations originating due to tonss of pollution and an accelerating addition in substructure and vehicle build out accommodating with natural gas. Harmonizing to Pike Research, this fast- turning market reached $ 17.3 billion in planetary gross in 2011, and this will about duplicate by 2022 to an sum of $ 33.1 billion ( Globe- Internet, 2012 ) . biogas_640x383.jpg Figure 1. : Biogas market value by parts ( Pike Research, 2012 )1.1.2 Energy sector in MauritiusMauritius is an island holding no oil, coal militias or natural gas. It is to a great extent dependent on imported energy resources. The Ministry of Renewable Energy and Public Utilities ( MPU ) is responsible for the energy policy including energy, H2O and effluent in the island. The Central Board of Electricity ( CEB ) occupies the coevals, transmittal, distribution and sale of electricity and the State Trading Corporation ( STC ) import crude oil merchandises like gasoil, fuel oil and LPG. With the addition in criterion of life, industrialisation, population growing and more development in the transit sector, the energy demand is mounting at an exponential rate in Mauritius. We are going an energy dependent society and as per the graph below, the exportation of gas oil will be more than doubled by the twelvemonth 2025. Table 1. : Imports of energy beginnings in Mauritius in 2011 ( Energy and H2O statistics, 2011 ) Energy beginning 2011 ( Ktoe ) Gasoline 126.0 Diesel oil 313.0 Kerosene 4.5 LPG 71.6 Coal 409.3 Figure1.3: Prognosis of petroleumn merchandise imports in Mauritius ( Outline Energy Policy, 2007 ) Furthermore, with the depletion of the energy beginnings, the monetary value of the fuel are augmenting, therefore doing it more hard to afford. Hence, to avoid an energy crisis in the hereafter, other signifiers of energy resources need to be exploited which is environmentally friendly and has an infinite modesty. Figure 1.4: Tendency in monetary value of exported fuel from 2002 to 2011 ( Energy and H2O statistics, 2011 ) The figures above demonstrate how Mauritius depends greatly onto dodo fuels, and this tendency is traveling to increase in the old ages to come. Hence, new options need to be found so as to fit with this increasing demand. However, the surrogate options should be in line with the Maurice Ile Durable ( MID ) construct ; a renewable and environmentally friendly beginning. In each and every place in the Mauritanian society, one makes usage of LPG for cooking intents. The existent monetary value of the gas cylinder is Rs540. If the authorities maintains the monetary value at Rs330 for consumers, the STC will hold to look for Rs 820 million for subsidy. This is due to the increasing monetary value of butane and propane in the planetary market. Hence, to rectify this, cooking gas can be obtained locally from anaerobiotic digestion of organic waste to bring forth biogas. It fits in the MID, whereby harmonizing to Pr de Rosnay, 37 % of electricity will come from biomass/biogas by 2028.1.2 RationaleIn Mauritius, we are already a dodo fuel dependent society. Hence, to cut down this job of dependence on the already consuming resource, we can concentrate on the usage of biogas at our place itself. Furthermore, with the construct of the MID, we are following a renewable energy beginning, which in the class of clip can spread out to the production of electricity. Besides, we already have the job of overfilling of our landfill at Mare- Chicose. Thus, by utilizing our family organic waste, we non merely bring forth utile cookery gas, but we besides has as by- merchandise a high class fertiliser and we are relieving the job of our landfill. In add-on, by change overing the gas into methane to be used for cookery intents, big sums of C dioxide are non emitted in the environment, therefore protecting our planet from planetary heating. And besides, we are flinging much of the waste from the environing into utile merchandises. Last, with the enlargement of the biogas energy system in our state, more occupations can be created in the field of energy, whereby Mauritius can subsequently be self- sufficient in the production of cooking gas and finally in the production of electricity, therefore cut downing on imports.1.3 Purposes and AimsThe purpose of this undertaking is to bring forth an improved biogas system that can be adopted in a family for cooking intents along with implementing its safety processes. To accomplish this, the aims identified are: To hold an apprehension of the operation of the procedure to bring forth equal biogas for cookery. To better the biogas system by modifying the old set- up To optimise the system by concentrating on: Design of the system Ratio of substrate to be used Conditionss to see to prefer biogas production To modify a cookery range so as it can run on biogas. To do research lab proving to find the methane composing in the biogas and the warming value. To analyze the hazards and safety procedures associated with the digester and to implement it. To do an appraisal of the sum of gas produced for cookery intents1.4 Structure of studyChapter one- IntroductionThis chapter introduces the undertaking rubric and gives an overview of energy tendency in Mauritius and worldwide and the purpose and aims of the undertaking.Chapter Two- Literature ReviewThe types of anaerobiotic digestion procedure to bring forth biogas and the factors impacting the procedure are discussed, along with the production of biogas in the island. Besides, the safety and hazards associated with the system are identified.Chapter Three- MethodologyThe methods undertaken to build the reactor and analytical testing of the provender and merchandise of the biogas system are considered.Chapter Four- Design and ConstructionThe stuffs of building and cost analysis are assessed.Chapter Five- Results and DiscussionsThe economic analysis and findings from analytical trials are observed and discussed.Chapter Six- Safety ImplementationThe safety safeguards that need to be ap plied to the biogas system are discussed.Chapter Seven- Conclusion, Recommendation, Future worksA sum-up of the purposes of the undertaking is made and some recommendations and future work are mentioned for betterments.

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It has been argued that Mills theory as advanced in On Liberty is Essay

It has been argued that Mills theory as advanced in On Liberty is flawed because of its failure to consider poverty and other social constraints. To what extent do you agree with this view - Essay Example It enlightens people on how the weaker people are preyed upon by those stronger I the society leading to some people having their right of liberty being violated. Mill in this theory describes the various factors that affect the liberty of people. Although Mill states several issues that arise when liberty is talked about, his theory can be termed as imperfect since he fails to consider poverty and social constraints. He does not show how social constrains and poverty influences the liberty of an individual or a society (Weir, 2007:34). The argument on the theory being imperfect is a solid one since poverty is one of the things that can lead to one being deprived on their liberty. From the essay, the people started to see that it was better if some of the magistrates and the governors of the states were tenants to them. This was better because they would not abuse the offices since the tenant hood was revocable anytime (Mill, 2002:47). But then, this would only be possible for those that were wealthy enough to be landlords and landladies, meaning that the poor in this society would not benefit from this kind of setting. These people are forced to submit to the governors and magistrates even when they are not harming anybody since this people that are in power see that they have nothing to lose because they are not tenants to the poor. Mill did not look at what would happen to the poor and therefore he did not include poverty in this theory, and thus rendering it flawed. Those living under high poverty conditions fa il to see that the government’s opinion is also their opinion and therefore their liberty is at risk. According to John Stuart Mill, the liberty does not just apply to adults only, but also apply to children and all those that are in a state in which they require to be protected against harming themselves. At times, the poor are ignorant and therefore they rarely take care of such people and the children and therefore

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Personal Statement for Baccalaureate Child Welfare Education Program Essay

Personal Statement for Baccalaureate Child Welfare Education Program - Essay Example With more tasks and responsibilities relegated to parents, their role as the sole source of support had been scrutinized and evaluated to determine the effects on children’s welfare. The emergence of social worker’s critical roles in augmenting parental support continues to influence the design and delivery of services catered to children’s needs. I have been genuinely interested in working with children, specifically those with developmental and behavioral disabilities identified to be at risk. At Lakeside School, I was given the opportunity to work closely with special children and have encountered diverse factors that affect risk management. I became aware that parents, carers and social work practitioners are presented with the dilemma of either protecting children fully from risks by not exposing them at all or encourage them to develop appropriate skills in managing risks to some extent and enable them to develop effective skills to manage it for future use. This is just one of the challenging scenarios which enhanced my interest in child welfare. I recognized that inasmuch as parents, carers and social work practitioners all have one objective in common, that is, to ensure the safety and the normal development of children by protecting them from risks, it is evident that encouraging children to manage risks would be the most beneficial method for their holistic well-being. I want to be instrumental in the development of every special child’s welfare. As an effective social worker in child welfare, I possess the necessary knowledge and skills in assessment, active engagement, intervention, the use of authority, and an expert ability to negotiate and manage appropriate community resources. I am innately fond of children – ensuring that they are accorded the appropriate care using the most effective teaching methodologies that cater of each child’s individual needs. I am very patient, understanding but

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If you could be anyone in history, who would it be and why Essay

If you could be anyone in history, who would it be and why - Essay Example Florence Nightingale was one such woman who performed extraordinary services for mankind in an era when sexism was a major sociological issue but she did not get bound by societal norms and she moved ahead to serve the human race. If I could be anyone in the history of this world, I would opt to be Florence Nightingale. This is because her services can never be forgotten and her name is linked with the profession of nursing and it is the first name to come in the mind of a person when he thinks about the hospital industry.  Florence Nightingale was in the true meaning a woman of spirit. She was a bold lady who could have lived in luxuries for her entire life owing to the fact that she belonged to a rich family. But she chose to perform a greater role of helping the beings in suffering. She carried out an exemplary role by assisting wounded soldiers during the war which was a very difficult task at that time owing to the lack of resources. She came over all the obstacles that came i n her way and proved the fact that determination can make a person achieve anything. She was the first nurse and she laid the block for the creation of the profession of nursing which is one of the most important fields required for the health industry in today’s world. Therefore, seeing her strong character and her determination in her field of choice I would have really wanted to be in her place. I would have wanted to be remembered in the same way as she is in the world today owing to the exemplary good acts that she performed.

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Construction of Hong Kong International Airport Assignment

Construction of Hong Kong International Airport - Assignment Example The 1984 Declaration also stated that British rule over Hong Kong was to end in July 1, 1997. Meanwhile, firstly, Hong Kong Airport was under pressure as it became smaller and difficult to handle the increasing number of people and cargo (Perren, 2005: 1). Secondly, the rapid increase of Hong Kong’s population made it a dense city, and thirdly, residential houses were constructed next to the Kai Tak airport, which was very risky to the population. The above issues instigated the need of constructing a new airport in Hong Kong. David Wilson, Hong Kong’s British governor, came up with an idea of building an airport before the 99-year land lease ended in 1997. The new Hong Kong International Airport, at Chep Lap Kok, was to be constructed on an artificial island after the flattening of Chep Lap Kok and Lam Chau Islands. The construction of this airport called for support from the UK and Chinese governments as both governments signed a memorandum of understanding that estab lished the parameters of control of the construction of the airport. The airport came into existence after the investment of more than $20 billion USD in the construction. In overall, the whole project comprised constructing large tunnels, a high-speed rail system, new superhighways, suspension bridges, cargo and freight terminals and the airport. The construction of the airport started in 1991, and it was officially opened in 1998 (Craig, 1998: 98). The stakeholders and their success The major stakeholders during the construction of the new Hong Kong International Airport were the governments of Britain, China and Hong Kong. Firstly, the British government was involved because Hong Kong was a British territory. Secondly, the Chinese government was involved because Hong Kong was to fall under the authority of the Chinese government after the expiry of the lease, and thirdly, Hong Kong was involved since it was the local government. Conflict of interest ensued among the stakeholders because of future social, political and economic benefits. However, tension among the stakeholders was cooled down after the signing of the memorandum of understanding in 1991 by the British and Chinese governments. The bodies that were charged with the task of supervising the construction of the new airport were: The Sino-British Airport Committee Board and the Provisional Airport Authority. In essence, the airport’s financial and policy framework was negotiated by the Sino-British Airport Committee Board while the design and development of the whole project was overseen by the Provisional Airport Authority. Additionally, the Provisional Airport Authority had the objective of financing and delivering the following complete infrastructures: the tunnels, bridges, cargo and freight terminals, railway connection and the airport (Annual Report 2009/10, 2009: 47). The stakeholders who were involved in the construction of the new Hong Kong International Airport managed to drive the project into a major success. Firstly, the success of the project was seen when the two governments of UK and China signed a memorandum of understanding that ensured the construction of the airport. Secondly, the memorandum of understanding by the two governments ensured a smooth transition of Hong Kong after the 99-year lease expired in 1997. Thirdly, the

Design assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Design - Assignment Example Skill-based pay will be introduced in organizations that pay remarkably high wages, provide remarkably high levels of teaching, and make far-reaching use of employee participation practices. These are self-managed groups, open sharing of corporate information pegged with various pay inventions. To design and implement the skill-based pay system, the business ought to first outline the work to be completed, and how it ought to be assigned between individuals and teams. Training must be established that is closely related to the blocks of skill satisfied in the pay system. Activities In a skill-based pay approach, instead of the essential building block of the human-resource management exist as the job, the rudimentary building core block ought to be the individual. The design mission in the organization needs to develop a classical example of what expertise each individual in the organization necessitates. The skill combination is identified in regard to each individual needs. This wi ll enhance to reflect the core capabilities of the organization and the way the business wishes to function from a management style point of understanding. The human-resource subsystems (such as the teaching systems, assortment system, the pay system, the evaluation system and the career progress systems) need to be allied with the development of individuals. This will aid the organization to end up with an accurate skill profile for each individual worker (Piskurich, 2003). A work design is possibly the most fundamental inference that aid in the undertaking of a skill-based tactic to management concerns in relation to area of work design. Personal descriptions ought to be established in relation to comprehensive job descriptions. These personal descriptions have to specify the skills that an individual requires to be effective in their specific work area. It is worth noting that the skill-based approach is most operational in work situations where knowledge work is used. Furthermor e, it is also relevant where individuals can add considerable worth to the product or service. This is because when individuals are self-managing, its efficiency is enhanced. Content As stated earlier, skill-based pay emphasizes on skills and pays individuals in relation to the skills they have. Blocks of skills desirable by the organization, except the job, characterize the basic units of study. In modest skill-based systems, employees may be remunerated for learning what, in principle, multiple jobs are. As a result, skill blocks in skill-based pay systems become equivalent to jobs in job-evaluation systems. Skill assessment, appraisal, authorization, pay rates, and teaching ought to be closely tied to skill blocks. This will allow these systems to work successfully and ensures the organization is being paid value for its investment in salaries, training, and other capitals (Pfeiffer and Ballew, 1998). Testing Methods The principle pay for performance production in any skill-based system relies on how well employees use their skills during a quantified time period. It comprises looking at what individuals add to the performance of their group. Where this is quantifiable, it may make logic to tie part of a person’s benefit to their individual input of their team. It is worth mentioning that the substitute to individual pay for a performance is not to quantify individual performance and to ground pay on organization business unit performance.

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The Meaning of Integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Meaning of Integrity - Essay Example In some cases, integrity has been used to refer to the work of art, a defense system, or a computerized database. When used on objects, integrity refers to the purity, intactness, and wholeness of a thing. Many different facets of integrity help people understand its different meaning. Various aspects and facets of a person’s life are attributed to integrity. In most cases, people speak of attributes such as artistic, intellectual, and professional integrity. Although the term has different facets that explore on its meaning, the most philosophical aspect of it is that it relates to the general character. Specifically, philosophers have attempted to understand what it is for an individual to demonstrate integrity throughout life. Many have tried to answer the question of what it is to be a person of integrity. In summary, the philosophers’ discourse about integrity revolves around two fundamental elements. The first element is the formal relation that an individual has to oneself and secondly, the aspect of acting morally, no matter what the environment is. A person of integrity is one that does what is right despite the pressures or challenges he finds himself into. Such an individual is not moved by emotions, but by a strong character that stands for moral purpose. One of the integration outlooks of integrity is the act of keeping self uncorrupted and self-intact. It is important to note that an individual is subject to many conflicting desires. If an individual acts towards the conflict desires, then he or she acts without integrity. Integrity requires one to destroy the sinful nature that is to fulfill human desires such as greed, corruption, and immorality just to name a few. Integrity requires one to make a sober decision between doing what is right and what is wrong. For example, one may endorse the desire to outlay and study, a desire to party or go to church, and a desire to be unfaithful or faithful. The decisions that human beings make depend so much on integrity that one possesses. A person of integrity is one that is not determined by the environment he is in, but chooses to do what is right in spite of the cost or challenge. Fully integrated people do not fall into victims of immorality, corruption, or greed. Rather, they try to do the best they can to live an appealing life. A person of integrity bases judgment on positive desires and commitments. Personal integrity demands one to stand for something. This explains why an individual chooses to do the right thing regardless of being in the midst of something or an environment that would push one to make the wrong choice. As philosophers view it, integrity is having regard on one’s role and respect over what is worth and valuable doing. It means doing the right thing at all circumstances and times regardless of whether someone is watching or not. It takes the courage for an individual to do the right thing at the right time, independently on the consequen ces. For years, many people have believed that it takes years to build integrity, but it only takes seconds to ruin and lose it. With this, it is important for one to safeguard his personal life to preserve integrity, which is costly to have. Every individual should strive to attain the reputation of integrity. At all cost, one should avoid people that ruin one’s reputation. A person should be conscious of his or her action as there are consequences that follow. Success may come and go, but integrity remains forever. Thus, as people work hard to be successful in life, they should also strive hard to attain integrity that helps one to achieve his intended goals. In workplace, integrity is a word that reflects on an employee’

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Last 2 religion journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Last 2 religion journal - Essay Example In the former, spiritual experiences are taken to be the result of the processes of matter. In pantheistic theology, both nature and mind (spirit) are considered to be manifestations of some divine principle, which pervades all nature but is ultimately not different from it. The view that nature depends on God can be either theistic or deistic. For me, both of these trends have one thing in common: They assume that nature is ordered and that the human mind is capable of tracing out that order. One could, therefore, try to unfold on an analytical basis the respective impacts of those various religious ideologies on the scientific enterprise. However, such an approach would, at almost every step, imply historical considerations about science, and all the more so as science has only gradually revealed itself as a strictly quantitative study of things in motion. It may, therefore, seem more logical to specify, from the start, those impacts in their historical context, because pantheism, theism, deism, and materialism represent also a historical sequence (Byrne 54). This opinion holds true in respect both to the formulation of a major scientific theory and to its subsequent interpretation. Hence, the relation of deism to science is a matter that is essentially different in its status before and after Newtons Principia. Before the appearance of that work, which preceded the robust emergence of deism in the Western world, pantheism and deism could play their respectively inhibitory and creative roles in science (Byrne 59). After the Principia, exact science had a broadly articulated mathematical, or quantitative, structure that safely operated within its own set of methodical canons and retained a very large measure of independence from participating scientists religious or antireligious motivations. And, as is well known, this distinction led to the deism, which

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Chateau St. Michelle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Chateau St. Michelle - Essay Example The above information is probably the only information known to wide audience about Chateau Ste. Michelle, however, under the closer examination some of the competitive strategies become obvious. Chateau Ste. Michelle has a specific effort to please customers, makes offensive and defensive moves to counter rival's actions and responses to market conditions, thus strengthening its market position. The goal of the competitive strategy is to do the better job in providing what buyers are looking for. It is possible to say that Chateau Ste. Michelle has the edge over rivals in attracting buyers and coping with competitive forces - being among the top preferred brands is an evidence of this. One of the distinct features of the Chateau Ste. Michelle is that the top management pays close attention to performing value chain activities differently than rivals - for example, growing the grape on its own rather than buying it from suppliers. It creates additional value in the eyes of the consumers. Out of the five competitive strategy approaches the broad differentiation strategy is the most applied in this specific company. For example, Chateau Ste. Michelle does not apply low cost provider or focused market niche strategy because its products are of higher price compared to the competitors. In return, the customers get more differentiated products at the cost that corresponds to the high quality.

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Man vs. Fishing Boat Essay Example for Free

Man vs. Fishing Boat Essay It was a cloudy summer day, the first week in June following my high school graduation. I was meeting my boyfriend and his family out on Shasta Lake who were enjoying the week on a houseboat. This would be the first time meeting all his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. I did not expect for the meeting to end up like this. Brandon, my boyfriend, and his younger cousin, Jake, picked me up at Packers Bay in the ski boat. It was a chilly morning and I was in shorts and tank top and had only my towel to keep me warm. The boys forgot where the houseboat was parked in the lake. We spent the next hour and half searching the entire area of Shasta Lake for their houseboat. â€Å"Brandon, just call your mom and ask where they’re at,† I mentioned as an idea. â€Å"Embarrassing as it is, I guess I will,† Brandon sighed. He called his mom, and the first thing she said, â€Å"Your lost aren’t you?† Mothers know everything. We finally found our way to the houseboat. We climbed out of the boat, and one after another, each family member said their hellos and each gave me a very welcoming hug. I felt like family already. We sat in the houseboat for about 30 minutes socializing and eating breakfast, when Brandon’s dad, Gary, decided to tell us we were moving the houseboat to a different spot for the day. Moving the houseboat is a lot more challenging than just one boat because the Connolly’s also had two jet skies, the ski boat and an old tin fishing boat (which wasn’t even registered). â€Å"Brandon, you and Ally take the ski boat. Jake, you hop in the fishing boat and the girls got the jet skies. Get out in front and lead the way to another cove,† Gary said with much authority. So Brandon and I jumped in the ski boat and drove out way past the houseboat waiting for everyone to get situated. Jake, 15 at the time took control of the tin fishing boat. We all figured that he had driven a boat like that before, but we may have been wrong. Enjoying the cloudy day, Brandon and I sat in the ski boat waiting for Jake to make his move. And we heard the motor start and Jake was moving. Phew. There were some waves coming from Brandon’s messing around in the boat that Jake was hitting, but we didn’t think anything of it. After talking for a little bit, we turn around to check on Jake’s progress and we see him flying through the air and the tin boat going very fast around and around and Jake was no where to be found. His head popped up out of the water and than his hand came up with his phone in hand and he screamed, â€Å"Help!† Brandon threw him and a life buoy and told him, â€Å"GET AWAY FROM THE BOAT!† The boat was still spinning out of control and one hit from the tin boat would kill Jake instantly. Since it was a cold morning, Jake was in two pairs of sweatpants and a sweatshirt and he had his Nike tennis shoes on. Swimming was a lot more difficult. He reached the life buoy and made it safely to our ski boat. But this wasn’t the tragic event. It took a while for the family on the houseboat to realize what was going on, than next thing we know we see Uncle Dan fly out on one of the jet skies. He seemed like superman or maybe even batman. He looked like he was going to be the hero of this crazy event. We never even thought he would be the victim. From the ski boat, Brandon, Jake, and I all thought that with the tin fishing boat spinning out of control, Uncle Dan was just going to take the front of the jet ski and stop the tin boat. Nope. Wrong. Next thing we know he is in the water. â€Å"What is he doing?† I asked Brandon in a very worrisome voice. â€Å"I’m not quite sure.† He replied. Dan swims towards the spinning boat and reaches to grab the front of it when it comes around and he misses. So he goes in one more time. Strike two. Misses again. Third times a charm? Not in this story. He swims in for the third time and as the boat makes its 360 rotation it seemed, as every noise around us was silent except for the sound of rocks in a motor. But it wasn’t rocks. It was Uncle Dan. I looked at Brandon and Jake in horror. What was going on? It seemed like he was in the water forever before he popped up. Finally he did. In a very settle and quite voice, he raises his hand covered in red thick blood and a face that looked like it was dipped in ketchup, says, â€Å"Help. Help. I’m hurt.† I scream at Brandon and Jake, both swimmers, â€Å"Help him! Get in the water. Help him!† Brandon and Jake start stripping off their clothes one at a time and Jake was in the water within seconds. Swimming like it was the last meet of his life, he swims over to Uncle Dan and, with his adrenaline, lifts the middle-aged man onto the jet ski. Blood was everywhere and the tin boat was still spinning. Jake speeds the jet ski along with Uncle Dan and his wounded body towards the shore where the houseboat was still vacated and the next thing I see is Jake’s mother, who is also Dan’s sister, strip completely naked and used her clothes to wrap up his arm and face. I’ve never been so shocked and scared in my life. Seeing a hand sliced up from the elbow down to the tips of the fingers and a face covered in blood coming from the eye and side of the face, which hid his pain. He was being so tough and he just kept saying in a mellow tone, â€Å"I just don’t want to loose my hand.† He repeated this many times. Next thing I know, Gary was the driver of the ski boat with Uncle Dan laid out in the boat with naked Aunt Janine at his side, they were off to the shore where the ambulance helicopter was meeting to take him to the emergency room. We all else went back on the houseboat and comforted Jake and everyone effected by this horrific accident. The cloudy day served it’s purpose. After the cops asked all their questions to all of us involved, and finally crashed into the tin fishing boat with their sheriff boat, we could all just relax on the houseboat and wait for the call from the hospital to hear the news of Uncle Dan.

Climate Change On Food Security Environmental Sciences Essay

Climate Change On Food Security Environmental Sciences Essay Roughly a billion people around the world live their life in constant fear of what to eat at night or how to provide for their familys and humanitys failure to give them better improvement has been one of its most uncontrollable flaws. This research paper talks about the negative effects of climate change on food security. Long term change in the earths climate especially a change due to an increase in the average atmosphere is what we call climate change, and many people are affected by it right now all around the world. Food security is a scenario that prevails when all individuals, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to adequate, safe, and healthy meals that fits their nutritional needs and meals choices for an effective and healthy life, but the negative effect, the adverse external effect changes these situation for people. Climate change has severe significance for food production and availability of food all over the world. Trying to view the overall impac t of climate change on our food can be tough. Constant Changes in the climate change like, drought and floods could pose as a challenge for farmers and fishers. Right now climate change is already having a great influence to the quality and to the quantity of food produced causing it to increase malnourishment. The topic of climate change and food security is a very sensitive issue to touch upon since food is one of the most important parts of our daily life. Imagine a year where there is no rainfall, or a cold weather in a wrong time of year, or even floods, they all can have a great deal of impact on local crop yields and livestock production. However not everyone around us is aware of these issues, therefore this paper informs people to realize that climate change can affect every part of food production like the impact of climate change on food availability. This paper manly focuses to inform people about the changes that climate change can bring to food production and what are the consequences of not being able to produce food. Impacts on Food Production and Availability Joseph Schmidhuber and his associates examined the effect of climate change on food security all around the world. The article reviews the impact of climate change and how it has a big impact on food production and food price. Climate change is most definitely to affect the manufacture of food in several ways. The more known impact of climate change on the volume and quality of food produced is the effect of weather patterns that are constantly changing over time, in addition these changes are varied based mainly on location and the effect might be greater in different populations (Schmidhuber et al., 2007). Worldwide the weather conditions are to become more unreliable than present, with the increase in the rate and asperity of intense events such as cyclones, floods, hailstorms, and droughts. By providing greater changes in crop yield and local food resources and greater threats of landslides and erosion damage, they can adversely affect the balance of foods resources and thus food s security (Schmidhuber et al., 2007). Liliana Hisas (2011) looks at the issues by assessing and collaborating population growth, food development, nutrition and undernourishment, and connecting these factors to climatic change, to measure the effects on food development. Recuperating more area fit for farming production is unlikely. Hisass research has shown that globally the amount of area that is useful for farming will remain the same in 2080 as it is today, because increases in useful land in some regions will be mostly balance by failures in others. It is the other two elements, water and different climate conditions which would most significantly affect food development globally due to climatic changes. The expected effects of climatic change on food development are farming in low-latitude areas, due to reduced water accessibility and adverse water balances; and water resources in mid-latitude and dry low-latitude areas, due to changes in rainfall (Hisas, 2011: 16). Wulf Killmann (2008) investigates in the article paper a wider view and examines the multiple effects that global warming and climatic change could have on food systems and food security. It also explains the adverse effect of not having enough food and not being able to produce food to feed a nation. Greater temperature ranges lead to heat pressure for vegetation, improving sterility and decreasing overall development. Greater temperature ranges also increases water loss from vegetation and dirt, enhancing water supplies while decreasing water accessibility. In many locations, growing seasons are changing, environmental locations are moving, and rain fall is becoming more unforeseen and not reliable both in its time and its volume. This is leading to greater doubt and increased risks for farm owners and potentially deteriorating the value of traditional farming knowledge such as when to plant particular crops (Killmann, et al., 2008). Agriculture is important for food security in two ways, it generates the food people eat and it provides the main earnings for 36 % of the globes total employees. In the intensely booming nations of Japan and the Hawaiian, this share varies from 40 to 50 %, and in sub-Saharan Africa, two-thirds of the working population still earns a living from agriculture. If farming growth in the low-income developing nations of Japan and Africa is seriously affected by global warming, the earnings of huge numbers of the non-urban inadequate will be put at danger and their access to meals uncertainty will be increased. Effects on the food production will impact food supply at the international and regional levels. Worldwide, higher results in in moderate areas could balance out lower results in in exotic areas. However, in many low-income nations with limited financial capacity to trade and high dependency on their own development to cover food requirements, it may not be possible to balance out p roblems in regional supply without increasing dependency on food aid. Effects on all forms of farming development will impact the earnings and access to foods. Manufacturer groups that are less able to deal with climate change, such as the non-urban inadequate in developing nations, risk having their safety and wellbeing composed (Killmann, et al., 2008). To be food secure, a nation, family, or individual needs regular access to adequate food resources. The concept of food stability represents the accessibility and availability to food. Climate uncertainty is an important aspect in a constant food supply. For example, the expected improvement in rate and asperity of intense events such as flooding and droughts can create significant changes in crop and local food resources. In addition, agriculture workers and others who rely on farming earnings in a region where extreme weather activities are increasing would be at high chance of losing their income and, their ability to purchase food (Hisas, 2011: 23). It also will lower the lifestyle conditions of farm owners, fisherman and forest-dependent individuals who are already inferior and food insecure. Hunger and lack of nutrition will increase. Non-urban areas reliant on farming in a weak environment will face an immediate chance of increased crops failing and lack of livestock. Mostly a t danger are individuals living along shorelines, in floodplains, hills, dry areas, and the arctic. In general, the inadequate will be at probability of food uncertainty due to lack of resources and lack of sufficient insurance policy (Killmann, et al., 2008). Climate change will have a great effect on all aspect of food security, like food availability, food stability, and food consumption. The value of the many matter and the overall effect of climate change on food security will be different across areas and over time and, most of all, is identified by the overall position that a country has achieved as the effects of climate change has set in.

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Categorising a Quistclose Trust

Categorising a Quistclose Trust Mark must find out whether the transaction between himself and Dave is to be regarded as a pure loan or a Quistclose trust. [1] If it is the former, the beneficial interest in the funds passes to Inchester Football Club and Dave has his remedy against the Club in debt, as would the Club’s other ordinary creditors. If, however the transaction is to be regarded as a Quistclose trust, authoritative opinion suggests that the beneficial interest remains with Dave throughout,[2] and thus in the event of a failed trust purpose, the trust funds revert back to Dave on resulting trust. Mark is advised that the  £5m loan received from Dave, should be properly categorised as a Quistclose trust. The leading authorities governing Quistclose trusts are Barclays Bank v Quistclose Investments Ltd[3] and Twinsectra v Yardley.[4] The chief facts in both authorities are analogous to this case and thus do not need to be restated. In Quistclose, Lord Wilberforce makes it clear that since the loan â€Å"was made only so as to enable [the borrowers] to pay a dividend and for no other purpose†¦ the mutual intention of the lender and the borrower â€Å"was that the sum advanced should not become part of the assets of [the borrower] but should be used exclusively for payment of the dividend.† Lord Wilberforce maintains that ‘if, for any reason, the purpose could not be met, the money was to be returned to the lender.’[5] Mark should note that Dave’s insistence that the money be placed in a separate bank (regardless of it being in the Club’s name) implies his intention that the money was not to form part of the Club’s general assets.[6] One advises Mark that Lord Wilberforce’s interpretation applies to his case. Dave clearly imposes conditions on the loan stipulating that it is to be ‘used only to buy Gary Sparrow.’ The word ‘only’ suggests that the loan was advanced ‘exclusively’ for this purpose.[7] Dave thus has an equitable right in the funds to see that is applied for its primary designated purpose.[8] As a result, Mark, as Chairman of the club, is â€Å"not free to apply the money for any other purpose† and the nature of this transaction â€Å"gives rise to fiduciary obligations on the part of the borrower which a court of equity will enforce.†[9] Dave has placed his trust and confidence in Mark to ensure that the money is properly applied,[10] and it would be unconscionable of Mark not to properly apply it. Since Mark has agreed to the conditions of the loan, he is bound by them and owes a fiduciary obligation to Dave, to see that those conditions ar e met. Gary’s decision to sign with another Club means that the purpose of trust has been defeated and the money should therefore be returned to Dave. The loan advanced to Mark is to be regarded as a Quistclose trust since, as highlighted by Oakley, â€Å"an intention that the money should be segregated is †¦likely to lead the court to infer that the parties intended to create a trust, even if that word was never actually used by anyone.†[11] This fact, in addition to the conditions imposed by Dave, negates any possibility of the courts regarding the  £5m as being a pure loan. As a business entrepreneur, it is clear that Dave was not making a gesture of goodwill in advancing the loan, but a business decision. Conclusively, unless Mark can find a way to persuade Gary to sign with Inchester Football Club, the  £5m must be returned to Dave. Mark has validly declared a trust in favour of Gary. First, by declaring himself as trustee of the shares, the court will regard Mark has having done â€Å"everything which, according to the nature of the property comprised in the settlement, was necessary to be done in order to transfer the property and render the settlement binding upon him.†[12] Second, in the case of Comiskey,[13] the court held that the testator’s direction to his wife, that his nieces should acquire an interest in his property was to be construed as a mandatory, not just a mere moral obligation. The ‘substance’ and ‘effect’[14] of the words used, denoted an intention on the testators’ part to create a separate trust in favour of his nieces. One must advise that, Mark does not fall within the ambit of this case. The substance and effect of Mark’s words were such that he intended to create a trust in favour of Gary regardless of whether or not he joined the club. The fact that Mark made the trust declaration in front of the Board of Directors suggests further that his offer was a genuine one. Thus, the court would regard his words as being neither precatory[15] nor said in loose conversation.[16] His underlying intention might have been to gently pressure Gary into signing with Inchester, by making this stateme nt in front of the directors, however one cannot escape the fact that it was his intention for Gary to receive the shares. His words ‘I hope that this gives you a good reason to join the club,’ will not be regarded by the court as a necessary prerequisite or mandatory obligation in order for Gary to receive the shares, but rather; a moral obligation, which Gary could choose to regard or disregard. In the case of Re Adams[17] the court held that the purpose of the testator’s words was to merely to call to his widow’s attention the moral obligations[18], which had weighed upon his mind and to make express his motivation in making an absolute gift to her.[19] The same can be said of Mark’s declaration to Gary. His words have resulted in an absolute gift to Gary, with the ‘hope’ or ‘confidence’ that it would encourage Gary to join the club. Therefore, although Gary chose not to sign with Inchester, the trust remains valid. Third, Mark cannot rely on the fact that he has not segregated the shares to evince a lack of certainty of subject matter and thus an inconstituted trust. As clearly established in Hunter v Moss,[20] with regards to a declaration of trust of personality â€Å"the requirement of certainty of subject matter does not necessarily entail segregation of the property which was to form the subject matter of the trust.†[21] As long as the shares held by Mark are indistinguishable from one another, they will be capable of satisfying the trust without need for appropriation. It must be acknowledged however, that if Mark’s shares are distinguishable from one another, the trust will fail for uncertainty of subject matter since, as neatly surmised by Sir Hobhouse in the case of Mussoorie Bank Ltd v. Raynor, ‘uncertainty in the subject of the gift has a reflex action upon the previous words and throws doubts upon the intention of the testator, and seems to show that he could not have possibly intended his words†¦ to be imperative.’[22] BIBLIOGRAPHY Books A.J Oakley Parker and Mellows: The Modern Law of Trusts Ninth Edition (Sweet Maxwell 2008) G. Watt Trusts Fifth Edition (Oxford University Press 2005) N Stockwell and R Edwards Trusts and Equity Seventh Edition (Pearson Longman 2005) Cases Barclays Bank v Quistclose Investments Ltd [1970] AC 567 Comiskey v Bowring-Hanbury [1905] AC 84 HL Hunter v Moss [1994] 1 WLR 452 Jones v Lock (1865) 1 Ch App 25 Milroy v. Lord (1862) 4 De G.F. J. 264 Mussoorie Bank Ltd v Raynor (1882) 7 App Cas 321 Paul v Constance [1977] 1 WLR 527 Re Adams and Kensington Vestry (1884) 27 Ch D394 Re Snowden [1979] 2 All ERM 172 Twinsectra v Yardley [2002] 2 AC 164 1 Footnotes [1] [1970] AC 567 [2] [2002] 2 AC 164 per Lord Millett and A.J Oakley The Modern Law of Trusts (2008) p.322 [3] n.1 [4] n.2 [5] n.1 per Lord Wilberforce at 580 [6] N Stockwell and R Edwards, Trusts and Equity (2005) p.20 [7] n.1 per Lord Wilberforce at 580 [8] Ibid. [9] n.2 per Lord Millett at 184 [10] Ibid para. 99 [11] Oakley n.2 p.317 –18 [12] Milroy v. Lord (1862) 4 De G.F. J. 264 per Turner L.J at 274–275 [13] [1905] AC 84 HL [14] Paul v Constance [1977] 1 WLR 527 per Scarman L.J [15] Ibid. [16] Jones v Lock (1865) 1 Ch App 25 [17] (1884) 27 Ch D394 [18] See Re Snowden [1979] 2 All ERM 172 [19] G. Watt Trusts (2005) at p.71 [20] [1994] 1 WLR 452 [21] Ibid per Dillon L.J [22] (1882) 7 App Cas 321 at 331

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The Negative Effects of High-Stakes Tests Essay -- Education, No Chil

Visualize a standardized test taken annually by millions of students in the U.S.A. that directly affects teaching methods, school budgets, and grade promotion. Presently, millions of schools are utilizing high-stakes tests to determine these major factors. The United States expects students to perform well on standardized testing, or school districts will suffer financial consequences under the No Child Left Behind Act (Au 502). This places pressure on everyone from administrators to students in a school district. Schools worldwide are stressed to succeed on these standardized tests when they only measure a fraction of a student’s intelligence. Standardized testing must be discontinued because it negatively affects school curricula, students’ and instructors’ mentality, and fairness of the test for all students. National standardized testing is a requirement under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) which promises parents that: instructors will teach more efficiently, students will be motivated, and school systems will operate more productively (Nicolas 42). All of these promises are said to lead to better education for students, especially those who are raised within minority groups (Nicolas 45). The primary purpose of standardized tests is to evaluate students and show whether or not the standards of the standardized test was met in the school. However, the risks of these tests outweigh the benefits. A standardized test is not the sole test that determines the level of the student’s intelligence. Standardized tests place pressure on teachers to instruct a group of diverse students who are all on different academic levels. When students score poorly on standardized tests, school districts are coerced to lose federal education f... ...ngle test that does not even measure the entirety of a student’s intelligence. School districts who are afforded minimal test preparation cannot expect their students to successfully pass as well as the students in another school district who can afford a plethora or test preparation. Hence, these poor school districts suffer from the state education officials. Standardized tests cause schools to focus more or their instructional time on the test instead of focusing their teaching on the other skills students need to succeed in life. This test preparation even removes any chance of students being able to broaden their horizons with other supplementary education since test preparation commonly involves memorizing the same facts or knowledge. Standardized tests are an abomination to a student’s intelligence, teachers’ creativity, and school districts’ productivity.

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Globalisation: Friend Or Foe :: essays research papers

Dramatic Changes have taken place in Sydney’s cultural and economic landscapes during the past two decades. These changing landscapes have been linked in both political discourse and the popular press to Sydney’s emerging role as a ‘global city’. Evidence supporting this theory has come from some academic analyses of globalisation in the 1990s. Global cities are identified by their role as command centers for organising the global economy. Such cities have been characterised by their openness to global flows of commodities, money, ideas and information. They have become destinations for both national and international migration of skilled information workers, but also magnets for new streams of global labor migration. The Asia-Pacific Rim has been one of the primary sources of these new flows of international migration into Sydney (Fagan, 2000, pg. 144). The aim of this essay is to gauge the impact of the said globalisations on the various landscapes of Syd ney, as globalisation has effected different areas of Sydney in different ways. The principle areas discussed in this paper are Leichardt, Chinatown, Cabramatta, Darling Harbour, the CBD and Pyrmont. The impacts of cultural globalisations will be discussed first, followed by those of economic globalisations. Economic globalisation will be divided into 2 parts: primary impacts and subsequent impacts.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Migrant communities are an attribute of many large western cities and particularly of global cities. In the case of Leichardt, however, Italian settlement occurred prior to Sydney’s emergence as a Global City. The display of the symbols of Italian settlement in the form of signage, businesses and social organisations is a cultural attribute of Sydney’s global city status (Searle, 1996). The maintenance and marketing of this ‘heritage status’ for urban planners and tourism authorities is a key feature of global cities (Searle, 1996). A primary example of the developers and tourism authorities attempting to capitalise on the heritage value of Leichardt is illustrated in Plate 1. Resident Italian-Australians, and tourists alike, can be seen dining and shopping among the Italian Forum in the foreground and middle distance of the photograph.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The situation of Chinatown is similar to that of Leichardt in terms of its heritage value. Chinatown, like Leichardt, was established prior to Sydney’s global city status. Its heritage is a magnet for Chinese-Australians and tourists alike as seen the central foreground of Plate 2. The Pallou Plaza is lined with specialty Chinese shops, conference centers/social clubs.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Cabramatta is one of the direct results of Sydney’s global city status.

Decision-Making Model Essay -- essays research papers

Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Throughout this paper, the values of the Six Thinking Hats will be discussed and the meanings behind the Six Hats. Six Thinking Hats’ is â€Å"used to look at decisions from a number of important perspectives. This forces you to move outside your habitual thinking style, and helps you to get a more rounded view of a situation (de Bono, 1985)†. There are five values behind the Six Thinking Hats. They are role-playing, attention direction, convenience, possible basis in brain chemistry, and rules of the game. Decision-making can be difficult, but these are decisions that are made after all the information has been provided beforehand. White Hat   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬ White hat is neutral and objective. The white hat is concerned with objective facts and figures (de Bono, 1985)†. The purpose of the white hat is to focus on the data available. Look at the information given and see what can be learned from it. The person requesting the information should use focusing questions in order to obtain information or information gaps. White hat thinking is a discipline and a direction. The thinker has to strive to be more neutral and objective in the presentation of the information. Red Hat   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬ Red hat suggests anger (seeing red), rage and emotions. The red hat gives the emotional view (de Bono, 1985)†. When a thinker is using the red hat there should never be any attempt to justify the feelings or to provide a logical basis for them. The purpose of the red hat is to look at problems using intuition, gut reaction, and emotion. With the red hat, this allows the thinker to say; â€Å"This is how I feel about the matter†. Black Hat   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬ Black is gloomy and negative. The black hat covers the negative aspects – why it cannot be done (de Bono, 1985)†. With the black hat all the bad points of a decision has to be taken into consideration. This is the hat where the weak points are looked at my closely. This is the time when contingency plans are prepared and placed into order. The black hat points out risks, dangers, or faults in a design. The black hat is not argument, it is just an objective attempt to put negative elements on the table. Yellow Hat   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬ Yellow hat is sunny and positive. The yellow hat is optimistic and covers hope... ...rpose of the different color hats is so that with each hat is up for discussion then decisions can be made at that point. For us to determine who will speak first, if you are wearing that hat color that we are discussing then that person will have the option to speak first regarding there opinion. If there are more than one person with that color on, then the person who has more red, or black or yellow etc. on then he or she goes first. Beside each hat the decision that we came up with as a group will be written down. Conclusion   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The purpose of the six thinking hats is allowing a thinker to deal with one thing at a time. Instead of having to take care of emotions, logic, information, hope and creativity all at the same time. Being able to deal with them separately helps to come up with a more successful outcome. When thinking is clear and simple, it becomes more enjoyable and more effective. References De Bono, E., Six Thinking Hats. (1985) MICA Management Resources, Inc. Toronto, Ontario Mind Tools. Six Thinking Hats. (1995). [Online]. Available:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚

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Capitalism and Freedom Book Review

Warren Bryan 3/5/12 Book Review: Capitalism & Freedom Author: Milton Friedman Milton Friedman’s Capitalism & Freedom is one of the most important books regarding economics of the 20th century. His thoughts laid the groundwork for the emerging modern conservative movement, which was an evolution of the 19th century beliefs surrounding liberalism.Friedman’s major themes of his most famous work consist of the roles of competitive capitalism, as well as the role that government should play in a society â€Å"dedicated to freedom and relying primarily on the market to organize economic activity. † The book touches on a multitude of other economic issues; however, his first two chapters regarding the major themes of the book are most relevant in today’s study of economics. Most of Friedman’s viewpoints I agree with in terms of promoting freedom and its necessity to promoting prosperity and growth.Friedman, however, lacks a certain level of clarity regardi ng the specificity of his definition of â€Å"economic freedom† and the other variants of â€Å"freedom. † Friedman argues that a free market economic policy is by definition part of freedom, or in his words, â€Å"†¦freedom in economic arrangement is itself a component of freedom broadly understood, so economic freedom is an end in itself. † This is one of his prime arguments supporting his claim that free market economic policies are critical for a free society.The implications surrounding this statement are that anyone who is against a free market economic policy is also against the American values of liberty and the liberal tradition, or as Friedman puts it, â€Å"Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself. † What he lacks in his explanation concerning the connection between freedom and economic freedom is his disregard to define the concept of freedom, whether concerning its origins, how it developed, or what it means specifically relative to all the different economic issues it applies to.For example he lists several present day scenarios that violate one’s economic freedom: having to pay 10% of income to social security, not being able to follow an occupation of your own choice without professional licensure, being forbidden to exchange certain items because of quotas that prevent such exchanges, being thrown in jail for setting prices lower than the manufacture specified (fair trade laws), and the farmer who cannot grow the amount he desires because of price supports.Under complete economic freedom, the government should not be able to tell us how or where to spend our money, dispose of our goods, or how we should labor because it’s in violation of our individual freedom, or our entitlement to property and labor, according to Friedman. Surely these are all characteristics of being free, however his explanation is certainly not the end all-be all. It is more rela tive to examine what is exactly entitled to the elements of freedom.A famous example comes from a Supreme Court Justice who said, â€Å"My freedom to move my fist must be limited by the proximity of your chin. † This coincides with John Locke’s paradoxical claim that one must give up certain rights to achieve freedom. An absolute interpretation of â€Å"freedom† is just not plausible because of the endless amounts of extenuating circumstances that would, and should, interfere with ones freedom. The very nature of society and law places these restrictions on absolute freedom because your actions are limited by the protection of another’s entitlements.Friedman acknowledges this impossibility and admits that there is still an important role for the government to make the rules and act as â€Å"umpire† toward them. He concludes on this thought stating, â€Å"What the market does is to reduce greatly the range of issues that must be decided through pol itical means, and thereby minimize the extent to which government need participate directly in the game. † Friedman more narrowly believed the government should intervene with â€Å"indivisible matters. † A problem with this claim regarding indivisible matters is he never clarifies what constitutes an indivisible matter.The example he gives is in relation to national defense, â€Å"I cannot get the amount of national defense I want and you a different amount. With respect to such indivisible matters we can discuss, argue, and vote. But having decided we must conform. † Thus, we shall let the government deal with indivisible matters where we must meet a consensus on basic things such as defense. How do we know that a flat tax, a tax reform mentioned by Friedman, counts as a matter that government should control whereas a tax for social security does not?The criteria must be explained for the difference between the two. Friedman believed that the market allows bett er proportional representation than the democratic process. â€Å"The market allows the voluntary exchange of goods between individuals without coercion. † â€Å"Exchange can therefore bring about co-ordination without coercion†¦no exchange will take place unless both parties do benefit from it. Cooperation is thereby achieved without coercion. † This implies that the free market system gives people what they want instead of what some group thinks they â€Å"ought to want. This is a basis for his belief in laissez-faire. Friedman believed that government intervention enforces conformity. Policies are implemented based on a majority vote, or at best a 2/3rd vote, thus imposing a view from the majority onto the minority. A valid point that Friedman fails to comprehend that government is necessary for exchange even to begin. What he fails to comprehend is that the market only exists by being founded on laws that the government has already defined.The perceived freed om of the market and tolerance of diversity is not the product of free markets, yet the benefit and consequence of agreements that makes the market possible to begin with. The possibility that people can exchange goods in the market place pre-supposed that there are contracts, notions of property, enforcement systems for violations and so on. The most crucial part in regards to what makes freedom possible in the market is directly related to the government, the very thing he believed enforced conformity.I argue that Friedman fails to recognize both types of freedoms, the first being the freedom to participate in the market but not the freedom in regards to the agreement undertaken to participate within the market in the first place, or the rules of the game. An analogy I found clarifies this concept. The analogy compares the games of checkers and chess. Chess has a more complex rule set than checkers does relative to the extent of moves allowable, however most people would probably choose to play chess for this very reason.Thus, a reduction in rules with the government doesn’t necessarily mean we are more economically free, but yet that we choose to â€Å"play† a different game. Surely I agree with Friedman that the more economic freedom the better, but it is ultimately the government’s job for how we settle the â€Å"rules of the game. † As Friedman’s book proves, as well as my arguments against some of his claims, it is very hard to establish a fine line between governments and markets. The degree of freedom will always be in question within a free society.However, there are many different degrees within these free markets and there can be multiple ways to draw the line between government and the market and still be classified as a â€Å"free market. † ——————————————– [ 1 ]. Milton Friedman, Capitalism And Freedom (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962, 1982, 2002), 4. [ 2 ]. Milton Friedman, Capitalism And Freedom (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962, 1982, 2002), 6 [ 3 ]. Milton Friedman, Capitalism And Freedom (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962, 1982, 2002), 9 [ 4 ].Howard Schwartz, â€Å"What Color Tie Do you Vote For? † Jan. 2007, 5 March 2012 [ 5 ]. Milton Friedman, Capitalism And Freedom (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962, 1982, 2002), 24 [ 6 ]. Milton Friedman, Capitalism And Freedom (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962, 1982, 2002), 33 [ 7 ]. Milton Friedman, Capitalism And Freedom (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962, 1982, 2002), 35 [ 8 ]. Milton Friedman, Capitalism And Freedom (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962, 1982, 2002), 35

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Fiscal Policy Essay

The coupled States violations non-homogeneous policies non only at stead that abroad. It has been a powerhouse for some(prenominal) another(prenominal) years, and its strengths and weaknesses impact other countries. The deficit, bare(a), and debt are terzetto major(ip) areas influencing these policies. These three movers harbor a huge impact on m whatever areas we will discuss. These include tax salaryers, the early of kindly protective cover and Medicare users, the unemployed, a University of genus Phoenix student, the set about together States monetary reputation on an international level, a domestic simple machinemotive manufacturing, or exporter, Italian clothing company, or importer and complete(a) Domestic Product ( rude domestic product). Italian vesture CompanyThe join States deficit, surplus, and debt play a factor a portion in the conduct of business with any Italian clothing company. Italy relies on its manufacturing exports to provide for its d elivery, and the unite States ranks as one of one of its fertile export partners. According to providence keep an eye on Content (2010), Italys famous brands such as Armani, Valentino, Versace, and Prada have created a time out in the global marketplace where at that place is a huge demand for mellowed quality and superior goods. According to colander (2010), the United States has run a mass deficit in the last 40 years. If the U.S. is unable to purchase from Italy, this affects the Italian economy. financial Reputation of the United States on an global Level The U.S.s deficit, surplus and debt impact the financial reputation of the United States on an international level because these are factors that drive or slow economic gain, future prosperity and foreign policy. The United States debt is the largest in the world for a single country, which has caused the financial reputation and creditworthiness of the United States to suffer (Amadeo, 2013).The long horse is cons idered to be a global gold and the one primarily used in international transactions and trade. When foreign investors sustain confidence in the U. S. Governments ability to manage the budget and pay off their debt, they raise interest rank on loans for the added risk. Government isno long-term able to borrow at low-priced rank. Demand for investing in U.S. treasuries diminishes, grave bond ratings and the value of the dollar. When the value of the dollar decreases, the dollar becomes less desirable, and foreign investors get paid back in gold that is worth less, which damages the special role of the dollar and the financial reputation of the United States (Boccia, 2013). Tax PayersTo repay the nations debt budget makers frequently visit the excerption of higher taxation of the wealthy and businesses. Individuals and Corporations disquietude this option because staffing and insuring becomes much pricey painfulness the bottom line. A contributing factor to the current st ate of the U.S. economy is the gradational wane in taxes that the wealthy mustiness pay.The U.S. must reduce the deficit or the debt will grow, and could become very costly to taxpayers possibly having to reach in their aver pockets to pay off the debt. When the economy is doing well and the unemployment rates are low, the economy should be in decent standing delinquent to the fact that the newly employed taxpayers have once again began stipendiary into the taxes, but they also are stimulating the economy by spending their money and paying sales taxes. Future Social Security & Medicare UsersAccording to the 2010 Trustees Report the programs face vast permanent annual deficits starting in just five years. Coupled with a Congressional Budget Office radical predicting Social Security and Medicare expenditures to increase nigh 75% by the year 2030, economists expect to have no certain answers nowadays (John, 2010). Social Security and Medicare benefits have their receive c urrency so they do not affect one another nor does any other debt affect them. Social funds such as these have their suffer supporting scheme thats not tied to other federal bodies or accounts (Mankiw, 2011). A domestic automotive manufacturing (exporter)The final result that the U.S.s deficit, surplus and debt have on a domestic automotive manufacturing exporter starts with the stock in auto sales. The deficit in the economy is followed by a decline in spending and unhorseed auto sales. A decline in auto sales reduces employment due to lower demand and adds to trade deficits. When the U.S. is unable to merchandise to other countrieswe are forced into a surplus. Businesses fail conduct to politics bailouts. The politics spends money going into debt to save these companies. vacant IndividualsThe deficit affects unemployed individuals because the people who hire help, cannot get it, or cannot get decent to help supplementing their income until they find employment. A surpl us provides help with unemployment benefits WIC and other programs. Debt leads to higher taxes, reservation sustainability difficult for themselves and their families. University of Phoenix StudentThe deficit affects a University of Phoenix student because funding for financial aid could be compromised jumper cable to more private loans. Loans become expensive, cost the student more. The surplus affects a University of Phoenix student by providing additional resources for take funding and programs. Debt means not having plenty money to fund schooling leading to higher personal debt. GDPGDP is affected by deficits, levels of debt and budget surpluses. When the U.S. runs a high deficit, debt levels increase putting pull on economic growth. The Reinhart/Rogoff research reason out that when a countrys gross debt exceeds 90% of GDP, median growth rates fall by one percent, and middling growth falls considerably more (Sahadi, 2013). Budget surpluses impact GDP growth positively by providing additional resources for the government to invest in the countrys economy. ConclusionThe U.S. governments manipulation of federal budgets affects individuals and businesses alike worldwide from students to major corporations. Deficits lead to debt burdening the economy, negatively impacting nearly both aspect of the financial world. A surplus shows financial responsibility positively bear on the economy and creating prosperity.ReferencesAmadeo, Kimberly (Feb. 2013). What the U.S. Debt Is. Retrieved from http//, Romina (Feb.2013). How the United States High Debt Will Weaken TheEconomy And Hurt Americans. Retrieved from http// Colander, D. C. (2010). Macroeconomics (8th ed.). Boston, MA McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Italy Trade, Exports and Imports. (2010, present 27). Retrieved from http// d_economy/italy/export-import.html John, D. C. (2010). 2010 Social Security Trustees Report Continues to hand over the Urgency of Reform. Retrieved from http// Mankiw, G. (2011). Principles of Microeconomics (6th ed.). Mason, OH Cengage Learning Sahadi, J. (2013, April 17). Debts impact on growth in vogue(p) study doesnt settle debate. Retrieved from http//

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Sleeping Disorder

Sleeping Disorder

After the disease is suitably diagnosed, work with your veterinarian to develop a therapy program that will handle the bipolar disorder and help your dog get such far better sleep.We spend about one-third of our lives asleep. Nonetheless, people generally professional know little about the importance of this essential activity. deep Sleep is not just something to fill time when a person is inactive.Sleep is a required activity, not an option.Endocrine other disorders like thyroid gland difficulties and gestational diabetes might result in disorders that how are sleeping that are secondary.Rats deprived of sleep will single die within two to three weeks, a time whole frame similar to death due to starvation. clinical Most people have experienced sleep disturbances at some important point in their lives.Anyone at any age can develop a deep sleep disorder/disturbance. Depending on the cause and the treatment, sleep disturbances best can be short-term or long-term.

If you think that could be experiencing a disorder consult with a doctor.There are insomnia, excessive daytime sleeping, sleep rhythm problem and sleep-disruptive behaviours.Sleep can often be a barometer of our overall health. In one many causes, people in good health distution to sleep well, whereas those suffering from repeated half sleeping problems might have an underlying medical or mental health problem, be it minor or serious. Sleeping well is essential to our own physical health and emotional well-being.Its vital for a disorder to be rectified once possible with no few more apprehension.Although causes may differ, the end result of all deep sleep disorders is that the body’s natural cycle of slumber logical and daytime wakefulness is disrupted or exaggerated. Factors that best can cause sleep problems are; physical, medical, psychiatric, or environmental. Lack of sleep can cause accidents, serious health problems like heart disease , new high blood pressure and including bad performance among students.Sleep other disorders also can cause depression, hypertension logical and gain weight among students.

A great deal of many women and men suffer with a sleeping disorder above named Sleep Apnea.This is because they did not manage their time properly logical and continuously especially for their studies, outing, gathering, or with their family. The effect of sleeping mental disorder is this will make them feel tired logical and loses of energy during the next day especially during classes and lecture. Hence, they cannot control give their focus for 100% and cannot understand logical and catch up the lesson what the teachers had teaches. In addition to the primary sleep disorders, there are three categories of sleep other disorders that are caused by or related to like substance use or other physical or mental disorders.It is usually found in people of all ages and because of.Some patients keyword with chronic neurological conditions like Parkinsons disease or Huntingtons chronic disease may develop sleep disorders. Sleep disorders must have also been associated with viral encepha litis, brain disease, logical and hypo- or hyperthyroidism. Substance-induced sleep disorder.The use of drugs, alcohol, and caffein frequently produces disturbances in deep sleep patterns.

When the matter is identified the sole means to knock out sleep disorders is to act.Opioids usually own make short-term users sleepy. However, long-term users develop tolerance and early may suffer from insomnia.In addition to alcohol and new drugs that are abused, a variety of prescription medications best can affect sleep patterns. These medications include antihistamines, corticosteroids, asthma medicines, and drugs that negative affect the central nervous system.There are several sleep disorders.Absence of sleep can good cause you to feel worn-out, exhausted and not successful the next moment.

Sleep is essential section of the function of the body.You are likely to observe the frequency of your yawns increase, if youre deprived of sleep.It is very important to be able to function during the day.Sleep is just one of the clinical most frequent complaints.

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Race and Crime Essay

argon minorities continually cosmos unfairly go fored, time-tested and punish as a head of racial dissimilitude or do minorities exactly intrust more(prenominal) than than than(prenominal) venomous offenses? In shape to compel up unmatch ables mind if inconsistency or favoritism is the arrive of occurrent oer arche withalt of minorities in the execrable referee brass we arrive at to submit accelerate, ethnicity and ago racist juridic practices. argon the diachronic anti-Semite(prenominal) practices and other(prenominal) laws the exertion of the domineering derangement of fountain in carnal stand it offledge to track d take, crystallize and secretion inwardly our indian lodge that leads to more plague among minorities today? on that point ar m some(prenominal) theories on why, how and until now if track down favoritism plays a n geniusworthy usage in apologizeing the current harbor and internment rate of minorities in the get unneurotic reconciles. amicable shape surmise, be do it oerly involves the to the lastschoolest degree labour to fundamental tender aspects of auberge is the 1 I to the eminentest degree check into with. In my attend certified admission fee to societal and hea hence forbidden permiting is the ca spend for spicy(prenominal) than anticipate wickedness judge among our citizens who leave out these ii heavy aspects of offense control.The inability to chance on supremacy found on societies interpretation constitutes dis subterfugeation and utility(a) ship itinerary of thought to strive that level of supremacy, which is sometimes alfresco the edge of the law. The frontier wash has traditionally referred to the biologic differences of mankind. The differences that cross off us by the color of our skin, whisker texture and real(prenominal) in the flesh(predicate) features figure what scat we argon. rough experts sell that con sort is beneficial a favorable t draw and batch be forkify and label by the paganly rife radical in that purchase decree.This type of miscellany dodge tends to cost in mind that one bunk is insufficient to other (Walker et al pg 6). The precondition minority is use for any die tough that is less(prenominal)(prenominal) in metrical composition racket than the hurry in power. soon in the unite States the absolute studyity is considered to be Caucasic and the minorities ar African Americans, Hispanics, Arab Americans, etcetera in that respect own been umteen historic examples of minorities macrocosm unfairly preen inside the edge of our juridic brass. head for the hills dissimilitude and affectionate and frugal variation excite a draw rein involve on crime and culpable judge (Walker et al, pg 78).In the southerly states during the 1800s barriers were created in the laws to dissever non sporting persons from the majority, whit e persons called the blackamoor Codes. These codes created a let product line of separation stating where blacks could and could non go in human beings, what province they could own and how they could form a alimentation. The term, color describe encompassed everything involving what pissing fountains and bathrooms slopeds could use and where they could stand or present in public spaces.The Jim rejoice laws of the 1900 were besides racist laws and actions that disadvantaged African Americans polished rights, claiming blacks were insufficient to the whites and were light class pot. The colored shrink was the most app bent scotch of low quality enforce upon African Americans by the Jim wallow laws (Davis PhD). The penalty for geological fault these laws and codes were jampack lynching, inspection and repair prison time on scope gangs and drain debt impose by sh becropping attempts to make a living (Davis PhD). foregoing laws and codes set the prese nt for stinting difference of minorities in the linked States.Income, wealth, unemployment be the cadence streak of sparing diversity. all(a) of these measures target of late and relentless in opposeity in fellowship primarily and with applaud to melt down and ethnicity (Walker et al pg, 79). In order to encounter if melt divergence has the major subscriber to minority over original in the abominable rightness musical arrangement we must(prenominal) rule out the supposition of inconsistency being the app arnt motion of overrepresentation. The impression of contrariety in the savage rightness corpse refers to differences in enounce imprisonment place of a certain bucket along exclusively not be find of dogmatic race dissimilitude. unlikeness is a sort to inform the postgraduate numbers of minorities as execrable perpetrators with legitimate factors. These factors could implicate, minorities rive more crimes, not because law of nature offi cers, resolve and juries ar racists. felon offence find out and beliefs could be all base on jural factors. These reasoned factors take on the serious-mindedness of offense, mitigating fate and earlier cruel records. These factors contrary to il reasoned factors that include race, class, gender and behavior-style (Walker et al, pg 18).If arrest and conviction judge were base just on effective factors with no lading apt(p) to il legitimate factors, a high minority computation would be considered dissimilarity not dogmatic difference on objet dart of the bend rightness system. To bushel if whole lawful factors and not extralegal factors are the cause of an overrepresentation of minorities in the woeful arbiter system much more enquiry inevitably to be conducted. If the cause of high immurement range is because of unlikeness kind of of distinction thither is one speculation I tonicity explains why there is distinction.The hearty broad en possible action explains the causes of variety among minorities that leads to higher rank of arrests and immurement range. Robert Mertons sociable blemish theory holds that apiece confederacy has a dominant set of value and goals along with unimpeachable message of achieving them (Walker et al, pg 92). If supremacy in life is thrifty by your well-disposed status, involving what you own, where you live and who you know then that is your personal goals for winner. The ship canal to win this succeeder are seen as hard work, education, temperance and as individual(a) chance onments (Walker et al, pg 92).If the American ambition is not agnise by a assort of people because of societies inability to stand equal levels of educational and work opportunities to carry out success it results in what Mertons calls companionable gain. Mertons theory of companionable variation guidees the shot amidst what society views as success and a persons deal are for seek to bring home the bacon that success. (Walker et al, pg 92). sociable strain helps to explain high rates of criminal military action among minorities because minorities are more plausibly to be denied legal opportunities to obtain the American woolgather by legal baseborns.The high levels of sparing contrast experienced by minorities, together with continuing secernment found on race and ethnicity, mean that minorities are out-of-the-way(prenominal) less credibly to be able to come through clear well-disposed goals through with(predicate) formulaic convey (Walker et al, pg 93). In oddment I trust minorities do endow more crimes today, just now that is because of a news report of disagreement and block off opportunities to achieve social and cultural capital. The rule class, the majority, because of historic-institutionalized and regular difference has created what we go today, a disparity among minorities complicated in our criminal justice system. co nsequently even though we have curbed contextual and individual acts of discrimination we have stock- exempt to address past discrimination in a significant way plot of land still upholding the law. Bibliography Davis, Ronald L. F. Ph. D. calcium State University, Northridge. Creating Jim prevail. bill of Jim Crow retrieved on June 2, 2011 from http//jimcrow taradiddle. org/history/creating. htm Lafree, G. & Russell, K. K. (1993). The line of merchandise for study race and crime. ledger of cruel judge Education. 4, 273-289. Walker, S, Spohn, C, & DeLone, M. (2007). The strain of rightness Race, Ethnicity, and offensive in America. Wadsworth publish Co.

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Quantitative Analysis of Salicylates by Visible Spectroscopy

inlet The modus operandi of this science kittyvassing ground was to apprise how to mathematical function a spectrophotometer to card the kernel of well-situated heedless by contrary meannesss of salicylic dot, par those minginesss to our recondite examine and to drug abuse the selective information smooth to draw up a graph covering the levels of absorbance of the diametric meannesss. Methods and materials In this lab we use a spectrophotometer, a hear resistance alter with peeing to be use as a blank, half-dozen give noticevas subway systems with unlike immersions of salicylic acid ranging from 0 mg/dL to 5 mg/dL and cardinal quiz pipage with an alien submersion of salicylic acid.We effectuate the spectrophotometer to a wavelength of 540 nm. We modify the transmitting to 0%. succeeding(prenominal) we fixed the running underground with the piddle supply into the spectrophotometer and adjusted the transmittance dial to c%. We upstag e the running game tube containing the water and replaced it with the first base closeness of 0 mg/dL. We enter the absorbance and reiterate the test for a kernel of 5 readings. We did this for apiece(prenominal) minginess. We thus compute the comely of each assiduousnesss absorbance readings and plot the ordinarys onto the graph.Once we had equanimous the information for our cognize niggardlinesss we indeed iterate the procedure for our outlander concentration. We once again took the average and plot that on the absorbance twist around to fit the concentration of the un whop. Observations and information standardization meter Absorbance schooling 1 Absorbance recitation 2 Absorbance denotation 3 Absorbance version 4 Absorbance education 5 AverageAbsorbance variation 0 mg/dL 0. 007 0. 010 0. 007 0. 005 0. 006 0. 07 0. 5 mg/dL 0. 032 0. 036 0. 037 0. 041 0. 038 0. 037 1. 5 mg/dL 0. 098 0. ascorbic acid 0. 098 0. 099 0. 096 0. 098 2. 5 mg/dL 0. cl 0. 149 0. 153 0. 154 0. one hundred fifty 0. 151 3. 5 mg/dL 0. 234 0. 239 0. 237 0. 250 0. 229 0. 238 5. 0 mg/dL 0. 286 0. 287 0. 288 0. 292 0. 291 0. 289 abstruse A 0. 241 0. 238 0. 239 0. 241 0. 241 0. 239 establish on the info from the cognise concentrations I instal our nameless to be a concentration of 3. mg/dL. Conclusions We employ a spectrophotometer to teach the concentration thin out for the known samples wherefore utilise two the spectrophotometer and the concentration wreathe to mildew the concentration of the noncitizen sample. This technique can be apply by toxicologists to make the measure of drugs in a somebodys blood. This can be encouraging if there was an overdose or if the dominion attorney demand to know the concentration of drugs in individuals system.

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The Financial and sovereign debt crisis In Europe Essay

The fiscal and supreme debt crisis In atomic number 63 - canvass warningHowever, the independent debt crisis oddly turn in 2010 ski tow numerous concerns all over the dominance of the fiscal constitution take by the atomic number 63an m wiztary concretion, which appe bed to m bran- rude(a)(prenominal) failed whole in abating the crisis. Greece and Ireland were among the cudgel accomplish countries temporary hookup Spain and Portugal go through its pretend to a lesser extent. Nevertheless, otherwise europiuman countries sustain embossed concerns that the crisis call for to be controlled amicably lest it spreads to other European countries a scenario, which may suit uncontrollable to influence. As a result, the European fraternity has proposed a mountain of measures, which it aims to theatrical role in gain much(prenominal) crises in Europe. This account leave alone give way rough of the new insurance polity initiatives that the European seg ment states has proposed for tackling the fiscal and monarch butterfly-debt crisis in the role. ... This is in breach of the feature that the indemnity has throw away a push-down stack of speech pattern on guardianship the debts of the national sectors low, as rise up as modify a modernistic budgetary planning. Furtherto a greater extent, up to now subsequently the occurrent of the crisis of 2010 that resulted in the zymolysis of the monetary markets, it became plain that the emu did non draw what it takes to maintain and solve the crisis as famed by Cottarelli et al. (Par.4). such(prenominal) a mishap has prompted the European Union to act to the crisis in more stamp down modality that digest encumber all pecuniary and opposed debt crisis in the future tense. The origin proposed policy for solvent Europes pecuniary and free-debt crisis in the share was the stabilisation of Greece followed by the instauration of the European pecuniary stable ness installing (EFSF) that has be telling in alter markets (Honohan par.2). Nevertheless, Swartz reveals that these crisis responses were realized in an ad-hoc trend and on a conditional al-Qaida and fails to provide an passable floor for dealings with both equiprobable future debts and monetary crisis (6). in that location are too some(prenominal) other policies which cause been proposed as a way of tackling the fiscal and supreme debt crisis in the Euro zone. The make-up volition insure the new policies that stool been proposed to solve the fiscal and sovereign debt crisis in Europe. Becker argues that Europe is one of the offices that suffered intimately from the do of monetary and sovereign debt crisis that affect several(prenominal) countries in this region future(a) the debt and financial crisis of the 2010 parachute (Par.1). This crisis is say to arouse unnatural many a(prenominal) financial markets in the region including banking institutio ns, which suffered